Got DH a gift and a little something for me! HEE HEE

  1. A surprise I just love you gift for dh! The bastia flip-flops in black for him. He loves them and reluctantly modeled them! I ordered the exact same pair in the brown for me! LOL They are SOOOO comfy! I so recommend them as a gift for your SO's!

    And while I was there I also picked up a silver Dentelle Kirsten, gold dentelle wallet and framboise cles!
    bastiaDH.JPG Dentelle.JPG
  2. Wow, love all the goodies!!!!! COngratz!
  3. Great shopping day! Congrats on your 3 beauties.
  4. Congrats all so pretty!
  5. Just a little something...! Congrats! DH models well!
  6. I just got those same sandals in another color and love them! You also got something amazing for yourself! Congratulations! :p
  7. Aren't they amazing! I think they are so sexy on a man but I saw a girlfriend try them on and they were fabulous on her as well!
  8. LOVE all of the new stuff!!!
  9. Congrats you're on a roll my Bf same one's but I can't wear thongs :sad: Everything else is beautiful ( I have the same things only my purse in silver not gold) you have FAB taste if I do say so myself :lol:
  10. another lovely haul! congrats and your dh is a lucky man. :smile:
  11. Wooo what nice gifts for both of you- congrats!
  12. lovely goodies! your DH should seriously consider foot modeling!

  13. Hi.. Your dear hubby is sure a lucky guy :yes:
  14. Very nice...getting him a little something always makes buying you a little something...easier! LOL

    Looks like you had fun! =)
  15. great shopping day !