Got chopped from consulting gig early...found out via phone call

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  1. well, this is how it goes in the contracting world, and now I'm seeing it firsthand.

    I was due to finish in mid August but got the call today that my gig is up now. Yeah, it's only a few weeks, but I had to find out after hours via a phone call from my agency rather than firsthand from my onsite management. Too one onsite said hey we decided to end your gig early, thanks but you can go home now. Is that too much to expect? Instead they avoided me all day and I had to hear it through a phone call from my account manager was pretty surprised I didn't already know before he called me. Hello, awkward!

    But you know what? I've already got feelers out and will find something soon I'm sure. Job hunter is now my fulltime job. AND, I get to sleep in tomorrow :wlae:.

  2. No one gets treated with respect in the business world any more. :tdown: BTW, I know of a great consulting firm I can hook you up with... Mr Roo worked for them on and off for a long time and they were very good to him. PM me if you'd like more info. In the mean time, screw 'em ! :cursing:
  3. Wow - sorry to hear how badly you've been treated - So jealous about the lie in.
  4. That sucks! Good luck on finding another gig and enjoy your mini-vacay!
  5. Yep they are the cowards, and you are the strong one who can hold your head high. Cheers to you enjoying a sleep in and to better gigs ahead!!!
  6. That's crazy, you're better off getting out of there..I'm sure something will turn up, sending positive thoughts your way;)
  7. What?:shocked: Is that the *below sea level" of common courtesy in the society today?:mad: How difficult is it to say "thank you"?? Unbelievable!:cursing: As Roo said, screw 'em!

    Anyway, for the time being - enjoy your mini vacation and I wish you the best of luck in your new job!!:heart:
  8. Aww, Pursegrrl. I am so sorry. It hasn't been a good year for you (For me either, so I can relate). We've just to have hope that good things are just around the corner. The best of luck to you!
  9. hey pursegrrrl sorry to hear about that. i'm sure it's tough and very hurtful that the company and ppl working with you cldn't even tell you themselves and say thank you. it's unfortunate that alot of businesses treat ppl like crap. URGH

    take the next few days to rest, relax recover and then go on with the job search .you'll find something for you that is less stressful than this gig was =)

  10. Oh, I feel your pain. I consulted for 5 years and was doing a gig for a bank earlier this year. In late April my immediate manager told me she would keep me working for her through the end of June and as late as through November. A week later, I got a call from the recruiter, saying my manager wanted to end my assignment that day! When I told my recruiter what my manager and I talked about regarding extending my assignment, she said she would get back to me. My manager told her that she "remembered our conversation differently." What a psycho -- she lied to my recruiter!

    My manager, like yours, avoided me all day. When I finally went over to her and said we should chat, she said she had meetings all day but would stop by. At 4pm I went over to her desk and she had snuck out of the building without talking to me!

    Some companies seem to think that contractors aren't real people but disposable commodities. Thankfully, I started looking right away, and took a full time job 3 weeks later, which I really like. Sometimes I think everything works out for the best!
  11. hey everyone -

    Thanks for all your support and encouragement! If I think about it super objectively, I would have probably let me go as well, but the lack of tact in how this was handled is...well, I guess par for the course as hideous as it was.

    I was there for several months and had a wonderful time! It's just so weird how the last month declined so rapidly in how poorly I was treated.

    Guess I'm still in shock but I'll be OK. Onward!!
  12. Sorry to hear they did this to you Pursegrrl. :sad: You'll find something very soon!

    I do agree that they could have told you in person.
  13. Total cowards! But you are going to be better off away from them -- I'm sure that you are going to find a great job!
  14. I wouldn't worry about feeling awkward about it. Where I work we use tons of contractors and we always inform the account manager as opposed to the contractor themselves. You do work for that vendor after all. This way the segregation is always in line for legal purposes.

    Don't take it to heart! Good luck on finding something soon and for more $$$$.
  15. You have a great outlook on the situation so I am sure things happened the way they did for a reason. I always chalk up situations like this as learning experiences. I am a firm believer of what goes around comes around so anyone who wasn't treating you as the should have will get theirs!!!