Got Chocolate Guccissima leather money clip wallet for DH

  1. I 'discovered' this money clip wallet on gucci website like 2 weeks ago... my DH always wants this style of wallet but he loves it in guccissima leather, however gucci never produced it until recently!

    We went to Beverly Center Gucci store thursday night, no luck - they don't even have this model available in store yet. My DH was so disappointed ('coz he got me the LV limited edition Vernis cles on the same day, and I was supposed to get him the gucci wallet)...

    I called the Gucci store on Rodeo Dr yesterday, fortunately they have the last one in stock! And it was not a display one! I requested to hold it for me and I picked it up first thing in the morning today ;)

    So here it is... :wlae:
    gucci1.jpg gucci2.jpg
  2. very nice! You are so thoughtful.
  3. Nice! That wallet is sexy!
  4. Nice. I just got the black 2 cash slot 6 cc slot wallet with the gucci web. i love it
  5. very nice!!! i like it.
  6. Oh that is sharp.....I love guccissima leather...congrats!
  7. That chocolate, so beautiful, love Guccissima leather, have the wallet and card holder in black, think I need a diary...
  8. very nice gift!
  9. oh that is really nice. Gucci gifts wraps?
  10. thats so cute! and ^^ yes gucci ussally gift wraps all of their purchases hehe i just LOVE getting home and discovering the cute little thing SAs do!!! :smile:
  11. My Bf wants one of those
  12. Gorgeous! Congrats on locating a brand new one!