Got choccy mini poppy!

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  1. Hello!! Got back from London yesterday where I found small choccy Poppy in Bond Street and a patent letter P in Harrod's Very chuffed and feel very good as I very nearly got the stone goat (?) Roxy. Very pleased I abstained though as wasn't sure about it.

    Did fall in love with navy leopard patent bays tho...hmmm!

    One thing though, I had expected the Bond St store to be bigger!!

    O and will post pics tomorrow, got a bloomin' night job to go to:Push:
  2. Sorry you have to go to work but congrats on this bag. Can't wait to see photos!
  3. Congrats! Look forward to see pics!
  4. Congratulations! Can I ask how much the poppy cost? I can't make up my mind if I should buy the green poppy on or leave it for next UK trip.
    Look forward to see photos.
  5. Congrats on your new bag! I was so tempted to get one of these in the sales! Looking forward to pics.
  6. Ali - I knowwww I feel shattered from the weekend haha and have only just got back from work and getting sent out again at 7!!! And gotta be in tomorrow for 8 :sad:

    Lillan: It was £247 like on I would probably get it now as they are on sale and you would have to find one through the outlets when the sales are over. I saw the green and the colour is lovely, but so is the yellow, but I needed something neutral after fuschia mabel!
  7. :tup: A super little bag.
  8. sounds lovely, so pleased your happy with her xxx
  9. Fabulous purchase GB, looking foward to the piccies.
  10. Chocolate? My favourite Mulberry colour. Can't wait to see pics.
  11. Hello ladies... let me present to you... Poppy :heart::heart:





  12. It looks gorgeous on you GriddleBone - totally off topic but are you a dancer, I noticed the ballet shoes near the mirror.
  13. That's really cute . Love choco poppy.
  14. That's gorgeous Griddlebone. Congrats and happy belated birthday :party:

    Hope you had a lovely birthday.
  15. That's really cute!!!! Can you fit much in it? Is it big enough for a day bag or is it more of an evening/going out bag???