got charged $400 more on the 31st!

  1. I ordered the white jumbo in caviar thru my SA at Saks on October 31st with the obvious intention to beat the price increase on the 1st. It had to be shipped from another store, and I got the beautiful bag today and was charged the new price of $2650!!! (The date on the shipping summary even says October 31st) I immediately called my SA and she said there was nothing she could do, she does not set the prices, the prices are what is in the computer.

    I am just so upset!! Is there anything else I can do? I mean I love the purse, and would have eventually gotten it anyway .. but it would have been nice to save the money.. especially when the increase wasnt going to happen until the 1st.

    if anyone can help me, pleeease give me other suggestions.
  2. THAT sucks!LOL!
    Id call the store manager and nicely ask what to do..Thats not right...!!!
  3. yes there is- called the store manager- if the sale was completed PRIOR to the increase- you get that price. Insist and dont let them tell you anything otherwise
  4. I believe the increase hits Saks on 10/18.
    You can always return it and try your luck at a NM which some have said the increase won't kick in till Saturday (tomorrow).
  5. My SA just called me back, and apologized. She called her manager and when her manager comes back from a meeting, she will be the price adjustment. Whew!!!
  6. Definitely call and complain to a manager. Technically they are not allowed to raise prices **before** the Chanel-set date of Nov. 1st. $400 is no small amount, and especially when you have a legitimate case here you should take it up with the manager and get the pre-11/1 price. Good luck & let us know how it goes!
  7. This is such a relief! It would have been really unfair!
  8. Saks actually has the new price in the system prior to Nov 1st (during the EGC week). Most SAs were able to honor the old price though. If I were you, I would try to resolve this with a manager, and if it doesn't work, then I'd return it.
  9. Glad to hear the manager called you back. Your email sent me running for my receipt for a purchase I had shipped on 10/31 only to learn the SA never printed one. I am waiting for the manager to call me back as well to confirm they will be mailing it to me. According to my bank statement I was charged correctly but nevertheless I want my receipt. Keep us posted!
  10. glad to hear that
  11. saks increased the price on the jumbo prior to 11-1
  12. good! $400 more is so glad it all worked out
  13. This exact same thing happened to me when I bought an e/w. Our price increase in the UK was October and I placed a telephone order the day before the price increase. She took my card details but didn't process the order until the following day (the day of the increase) and wanted to charge me the increased price. I kicked up a fuss and they reluctantly agreed to charge me the old price but they made out they were doing me a favour. I would try and make a fuss about it.
  14. Ok, just seen it all worked out for you. Great news!
  15. I would complain and then if you want, I heard some places still are charing old Nordstrom..please check out the Chanel Shoppping forum.. thx