Got Catfish?? Crazy story with pictures...

  1. Just saw this on another forum:

  2. Aww, that's so sad! I"m glad they were able to help! Lake Conroe is beautiful, I used to live in Houston.
  3. That is a big ole catfish! Cool pictures! I am glad that they were able to save him.
  4. this is exactly why people should be VERY careful about what they let get into our rivers, streams, lakes, etc. . . .
  5. awww yay! I'm glad it had a happy ending. Poor bby!
  6. So glad they could save him!!! That is just crazy
  7. Holy cow! That's one huge catfish!
  8. Awww. Poor thing, I am glad that those nice people were able to successfully help him.
  9. I'm so glad they could help him! Poor thing must've been so frightened!
  10. Wow that is a huge catfish!!! Glad that they helped him out.
  11. I'm so glad those people were able to help. I doubt that catfish would have lasted much longer.
  12. that is a huge catfish!! what a nice couple to make sure they could get it out. we just brought in some people at work who did a huge presentation about the effects of throwing stuff in the water for our kids. so important!!
  13. Aww. That was sweet of the people to take the time to save the catfish!

  14. AMEN!! So very true. What a cool story, poor fishy.
  15. Whoa! That is one huge fish...glad they saved it!