Got cassis city by mistake...but loving it!!

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  1. Received my shipment for the Latte mRGGH Day from Erica but surprised to find a cassis mRGGH city inside!

    My initial feeling was disappointment...not having much 'bag' luck this month obviously, with the recent issue with my eBay purchase and now, wrong item shipped.

    However, after taking a close look at the bag, it sort of grew on me. The leather is gorgeous and the colour is uniquely attractive. I didn't think much of cassis before, but it is much prettier IRL. A creamy berry/wine colour, rich and saturated, and absolutely amazing with rose gold hardware.

    So I contacted Erica, arranged to top up the difference, and I'm keeping this beauty with me!! :smile: I love pairing it with different colours - teal, yellow, red, prints in addition to the neutrals. It's so versatile!

    So no latte for me now but that's ok :smile: thought I'd share my new found love. If anyone is thinking of getting a cassis - go for it!
    image-776532457.jpg image-548665134.jpg image-1447272883.jpg
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  2. Yay congrats Yikkie. I had actually had a wrong item shipped to me from Erica before as well. I fell in love with the mistake...but not enough to keep it. I am so happy you love yours!
  3. haha... this is what I'd called BAG FATE~
    enjoy it~!! it's a beauty~
  4. The bag fairies work in mysterious ways! Congrats!
  5. congrats! enjoy ur new cassis!:smile:
  6. I love the color!
  7. the rose gold hardware goes vvv well with the cassis! congrats! :smile:
  8. IN LOVE WITH MY BAG :loveeyes:
  9. Beautiful! And great pictures as well - they really show the color and the texture of the leather! Better pics than on the Bal site, so thank you so much for sharing.

    Enjoy your new darling :amuse:
  10. Totally agree! Cassis rocks with mrrg. I saw someone carrying it last week and have been wondering if I should have one. After seeing your bag, double confirmed!
  11. congratulations! love it as well... i did think about cassis or rose thulian cos i am looking for a red color. but still cannot make my mind!
  12. I agree.....Bag Fate was the perfect explanation for this :smile:.
    Gorgeous Bag!
  13. It's really gorgeous! That leather and hardware is a match made in heaven! :heart:
  14. Quick comparison shot with my Louis Vuitton Vernis Alma in Amarante (deep burgundy). At first I was a little worried they might look too similar, but they turn out to be very different styles!
  15. What a gorgeous bag, your description of it being a creamy colour is spot on, your bag is so pretty. I really wanted a maxi twiggy but missed out twice in the sales at HGbags :smile: enjoy wearing her