Got BV ball bag today, here is my BV mini collection..

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  1. Hi:

    Thanks for everyone's input about whether to get a ball bag or perforated hobo. I got the red ball bag and it came home today and joined her sisters here....

    1.Orange fortune cookie( I think it is called oragami?) bag
    2.Large classic woven hobo with lime woven trim
    3.Red ball bag
    bv1.JPG bv2.JPG bv3.JPG bv4.JPG
  2. pretty bags.... nice colors too..
  3. The ball bag is stunning in red! Congrats to you! You picked a winner!
  4. Thanks Kat....I am glad I asked around your guys first.:yes:
  5. Gorgeous BV collection! I'm thinking about getting a BV bag as my next big bag purchase. I've always admired them from afar, and they look like really classic, durable bags. Enjoy your new BV!
  6. I love your BV bags, all of them are so cute ! I really like the fortune cookie one especially, it just looks so delicious ! :biggrin:
  7. Congrats on your beautiful red ball bag.
  8. I am envious of your gorgeous BV collection. The ball bag is one I hope to own one day. Enjoy!!
  9. Chloe_concord: Red ball bag is stunning! Congrats! -)
  10. OH MY G-D!!!! I LOVE YOUR BAGS SO MUCH!!!! The red is TDF!!!!! I really love all of them, smiled and literally said out loud "AAAAAAAAHHHH!" in a GOOD WAY!:love:
  11. The ball bag is fabulous, and the ball bag in red is completely fabulous! You will love this bag. Congrats!
  12. What a stunner! That red is simply gorgeous! Congrats, Chloe!!!
  13. beautiful bags!!! :love:
  14. your BV bags are gorgeous!!!
  15. Wow! :nuts: I love your BV's. Congrats!