got burned on Ebay :(

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  1. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    I am not an Ebay novice and have bought some beautiful authentic bags on the Bay. But this time, as I anxiously opened the shipping box, I found a fake speedy :wtf:. grrrrr. I was so excited that I won the auction for a mere $300. Yeah right, I should've known better. What was thinking?

    If I were a Louis virgin, then it would have been not too surprising, but man,I have a closet full of bags. I was finally ready to take the Speedy plunge.( Every girl needs a Speedy in her collection, and I don't have one.)

    Now I am mad.:cursing: The seller said she would refund my $$ and was so sorry vowing that it was a gift from an ex and she really thought is was real. So I am waiting for my $300 and now gun shy to buy on Ebay .

    Lesson learned. Now I enter the weekend in a pissy mood...and I have to tell my fiance why. Or do I? :shrugs:

    Just venting. Have a good weekend LV lovers.
  2. That stinks, but I totally get why you are pissy I would be too. I think we all know the feeling of getting really excited for a great bargain and feeling like we got a steal on a bag we really want. I too have been burned on ebay before though never on a handbag and it's the worst feeling because you have disappointment warring with the annoyance of having to track down a refund and feeling like you will never be able to trust people on Ebay again. I say tell your fiance though otherwise he'll be wondering what he did to earn your wrath when all he did was crack some stupid joke or something lol....
  3. and if she dose not pay you back you can make a dispute with paypal and that is so you CAN get your money back... : ( sorry that had to happen to you
  4. awww, i'm so sorry! did u have it authenticated prior to purchase? i've been burned on ebay on some smaller items (non-lv) but as someone who occassionally sells old bags, hate to see people have bad experiences. hopefully u will get the money back soon! as for df, i guess it depends on how open minded he is!
  5. This should probably go into the eBay forum for get-your-money-back advice, but in the interim...

    Did you not have the bag authenticated beforehand? Or, were you baited and switched?
  6. I have been sent alot of fakes on ebay and not once have I Not got a refund. I would make a dispute and then send the item back, once she refunds then the dispute will be closed. Dont lose faith, there are still alot of good sellers on ebay.

  7. While I agree with not giving up, don't rely on the fact that your seller *might* be a "good" seller.

    A good seller wouldn't have knowingly sold a fake.
    Even if she wasn't sure of authenticity, she should have authenticated prior to listing.

    I hope you used PayPal and a credit card to make the purchase!
  8. Oh no..I'm sorry that happend. :tdown:

    Good to know the seller is going to refund your money.

    I agree with Socialite and dont lose faith, there are still alot of good sellers on ebay.
  9. I agree, I mean there are still good sellers though. Although this seller who the OP bought the bag off isnt. I sell on ebay and I know other members do and there are alot of us who sell alot of great Vuitton.
  10. well, the good news is that she just refunded my money plus $10 to ship it back to her. whew... now I am not so upset. I will not give up on ebay as I have bought a lot on there and gotten great deals. I am , however, going to the LV boutique tomorrow to buy the Speedy I was longing for. I really did not want to drop $700, but at this point I do not even care. I am impulsive and I want my Speedy.
    It is my last splurge before my wedding so I am just going to do it.
  11. WOW! That sucks I remember seeing your post on the Authenicate this site. And I thought gee she got a really good deal on that speedy. I guess sometimes things are too good to be true ha? I think you will be so much happier if you bought the bag at the boutique so that way you know you are certainly getting the real deal :smile::tup:
  12. Glad to hear everything worked out for you!!!
  13. I saw your post on the authenticate forum and I remember the pics looked great on the auction. Once you received it, what gave it away as a fake? From those pics, I sure couldn't tell. Sorry this happened to you, but glad you are getting a brand new one for yourself.:smile:
  14. That really sucks. I had that happen to me once makes you feel just awful. Make sure you continue to let us know what happens. I hope this seller is true to her word.

  15. So you had it authenticated here and they said the pics were real but you received a fake bag?

    Was it the same bag as in the pics?

    If not, are you sure it is fake? Did you post pics of the bag you RECEIVED for authentication?