Got bitten by the Amulette de Cartier collection.....

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  1. Hi I recently discovered Amulette de Cartier (yes I know I am quite late to the game) and cannot get the image out of my mind ever since! The whole collection is quite unique and I really like how the pieces look.

    I like dainty jewelry, and prefer necklace, so I am considering getting a XS necklace. I also tend to be simplistic in clothing choices, so I want to stick with white or black. The problem is - they are both so beautiful! How should I choose?

    I have a love necklace in yellow gold that I tend not to wear - because I don't really like yellow gold. I am mostly a white gold gal. However, rose gold is getting my attention as well - I have a few staple pieces in rose gold. I have not see Cartier's rose gold in person - how different is it from yellow gold? How does it compare to tiffany's rose gold?

    Also, will the white version fade or turn yellow over the time? I think these are all things to consider.

    What do you think? Please help me decide. Your inputs are all very welcomed.


  2. I have the onyx in XS and it's a very carefree necklace, I don't worry about my foundation or moisturizer staining it. It also matches easily with any outfit.
  3. The onyx is beautiful
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  4. Both are stunning! I would wear the first one more
  5. Each of the versions are nice, it just depends on which one you like the most, and which color metals you tend to wear most often.

    Cartier's rose is subtle compared to the rose gold of some other brands I've seen. I'm not really a fan of Tiffany's and haven't looked at their pieces in some time, so I can't say how their shade of rose compares with Cartier's rose.

    White gold doesn't fade to yellow. Its usually alloyed with white metals like nickle, paladium, zinc, silver (etc) to create the white color. In its nature state its often more gray than say platinum or paladium, so some companies plate white gold with Paladium (which is a white precious metal) to give it an even whiter/brighter look. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  6. Thank you ladies! I like the white one more but I prefer rose gold over yellow gold and I think black is more practical than white.... so hard!
  7. I love the white one the best...easier to wear. That's the one I would choose
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  8. I just did a comparison between a tiffany and a cartier rose gold piece. I could not tell much of a difference between the two. I have the xs necklace and ring in mother of pearl, and the bracelet in onyx. I think both options are very beautiful. If you can, I suggest seeing them in person to help you decide. Also, were you referring to the mother of pearl fading or turning yellow? If so, I have not had any issues with my ring (2yrs) and necklace (1yr).
  9. I love the white , but you should also. Check out the pink opal with rose gold its so cute and feminine i love it
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  10. Thank you this is very helpful!!

    I think I prefer mother of pearl, but I wish the mother of pearl comes in rose gold as well. I really don't like yellow gold which is the reason why my Cartier love sits in my drawer.

    Since you have both onyx and mother of pearl, which one do you prefer?
  11. Thank you for the suggestion! I will take a look.
  12. Thank you for your input!
  13. Oh goodness, at this moment I could not pick between the two, I love them both.
  14. I have the white one and love it - wearing it right now actually. It goes with almost every dress I have.
  15. How long have you had it? Does it change color? Also is there anything you do specially to treat it carefully?
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