Got bit by the LV bug...

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  1. I can't believe I didn't discover the beautiful products of LV until now! I bought my first piece in January 2014, and now own 6 pieces.

    I have so many purses and SLGs on my wish list, but for now, this is my humble collection. I love them and can't stop staring at them.

  2. great slg's!!! congrats!!!👍👍👏😃
  3. Lovely, Congrats!!
  4. Awesome, I would say you are for sure well on your way to be addicted. Love that purple
    Dont feel bad, you are certainly in good company, with the rest of us
  5. Beautiful! You have a great collection... LoVe those Empreinte wallets. I have the Curieuse and it is one of my favorites of all time.
  6. Cute! I love the colors ❤️
  7. You've been busy, great pieces!
  8. Lovely collection so far! All gorgeous pieces, congrats
  9. Very pretty :smile:) congratulations
  10. Oh they're all just fabulous! You've been a very busy girl. Yes - I'm afraid to say that you have absolutely been bitten by the LV bug.

    You're in great company here :lol: we all have it. Welcome!
  11. Beautiful collection! You have great taste and have made excellent choices.
  12. Love all the items and colors you've definitely got the LV bug, lol!!
  13. Beautiful choices! are addicted like the rest of us!
  14. beautiful LV's!!
  15. Great collection! Welcome to the addiction :smile: