Got Betty Leather Tote, nice but.....

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    I'm having second thought. I got this for $800 plus tax from $2100! Iknow its a steal and i really reallylove the style and the leather sooooo soft. But the thing is this bag is sooooooo heavy. Heavier than the paddy. Should I keep it? What do u guys think? Did Imention I love this bag? LOL.... decision decision...:confused1:
  2. Love this bag!
  3. I had it for a couple of weeks but I was relieved when one of the leather patches started unravelling and I took it in for a consultation and Neimans said I could return it. It WAS really heavy and cumbersome. But it sure did look good. I prefer the smaller chain handled Betty that I got instead. Have you seen some of these on sale in the latest Sacoche email?
  4. yes I've seen the other style of betty, but i need a big bag or tote. So seems like this bag is a good candidate. It's just so heavy but the price is too good to let go. or is it not?
  5. Wow congratulations.
  6. I understand! The price IS awfully good. I bought mine for $1200 marked down from $2100 and soon after I saw it on the Neiman's website for $950 or so. Maybe you should keep it and just not put too much in there. The weight must have busted some of the stitching.
  7. I almost bought it when one of you nice girls informed us of the great bargain on BG....but I have a betty chain (not tote) and that kills my shoulder loaded up so I resisted spending the thousand bucks.....happy I did cuz I can only imagine how heavy the bag ends up being...the chain really does a number on the shoulder...
    I think it's crazy to carry the bag half empty just cuz you love it and got it at a great price (amazing price actually...).
    I say return it....if you don't get your money's worth or if you end up at the chiropractor which will bring the bag up to full price by the way, then it's not worth it...
    The size of the bag is for it to be loaded up...but the chain handle will kill your shoulder if you do that...what good is it really doing you then?
    Sorry for the disappointment the bag has caused though!
  8. hi i had the exact same issue- i bought the same bag for $798 and was so excited but not only did the weight of the bag bother me, the chain scratched my arm and pulled my sweater in 2 places! Needless to say i sent it back yesterday- anyone willing to put up with the pain- look out for the bag on bg next week! :smile:
  9. It's too bad about the weight - that is one HOT BETTY!
  10. I was in love with this bag until I ordered it and received it. The chain was so bulky and cumbersome and made such an unbearably loud clanking noise that I sent it back the very next morning...
  11. I love it!
  12. Great point! I guess a majority says it's not worth the weight. (even if it is a pretty bag)
  13. wow, so sorry to hear about ur sweater. Good thing I post this bag in this forum. I just save my sweater....and probably $800..:yes:
  14. It's a gorgeous bag, I was actually hoping to find it on sale. But if it's that heavy I wouldn't bother. If you're like me you like big bags because you carry alot of things so if you have to lighten up on the things you carry to enjoy the bag, then whats the point of having the large tote.
    It's so hard to make these decisions especially when you get an unbelievable deal, but how long will it be before you get tired of the heavyness and find that the bag starts to spend more and more time in the dustbag in the closet.....
    Good luck!!!
  15. oh i'm sorry, i hate when that happens! it is a good deal but only if you'll really be able to use it. otherwise think of what you can get instead with the money you'll save!