Got back from Coach! I'm "eh" about it...

  1. So I went to Coach excpecting to get this:

    Came home with these after much deliberation:

    Ergo Hobo in Khaki/Plum (has to be sent to me- will recieve tomarrow)

    and the matching wallet- brought that home today:

    Ok so I walked around the store for like an hour and nothing really jumped out at me. I tried on the bag I went in there for and it kept sliding off my shoulder so I said no to that :sad:.

    I looked at the new Gallery tote in signature and those were cute with the liliac/blue lining (I should have gotten it!!!)

    I tried on the Gigi- leather one. It is GORGEOUS. But I'm not such a leather person. I'd get it in signature.

    They didn't have the Leigh- which I love! But the girl that was working said she bought it in the khaki/black and the signature was darker than usual khaki pieces? So she returned it for leather.

    And then I came to the Ergos, which I had seen when they came out and had not really liked them. WHY DID I LIKE IT NOW?

    Well after much deliberation and pacing I bought the plum/khaki ergo.

    I think I just bought SOMETHING- and that happened to be it. Because I had driven almost 2 hours just to use the PCE and didn't want to come home empty handed? IDK.

    But after thinking on the way home. I really don't like it that much. It's not very me!

    So I am thinking of getting the Leigh or GiGi in signature- even though I will have to pay some extra.

    I have lots of khaki pieces so I was thinking of mixing it up by getting the brown/brass signature in either?

    Does any one have either of these two in this color?

    I just wan't something different.

    I was also thinking, should I just wait and get it off eBay and try to get it for cheaper? And return my other stuff or sell it on eBay too?


    What should I get? Leigh or GiGi?
  2. No replies? WOW...

    I also remembered I saw this bag in person:

    It's GORGEOUS! I tried it on (the SA had bought it and had brought it in) and it's HUGE. Way bigger than the large Carly and it sits up by your armpit. LOL It ended past my hips and I'm 5'5.

    But the leather is nice and the inside (tattersall) is gorgeous.

    They were also tellng me I could order the new Bleeker collection with the PCE.
  3. Well, I think you have a nice haul there!!! And you were lucky to see the other bag irl. I looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
  4. And I also went to macys and they have the Meadow boots for $398 retail for $598.
  5. :wtf: The Macy*s I go to when I visit home NEVER has anything least not when I'm there...I'm always so bummed. You're lucky to have actually seen something in the store. Of course, the one where my parents live is new, so it may be smaller.

    *Sigh* I want to visit an outlet again soon.
  6. far as what you should get I'd say the GiGi, caz I love large totes, and the chains on the Leigh would drive me crazy and tangle in my But both are gorgeous. I think the GiGi is more funtional. Let us know what you decide on!
  7. If you are deciding between the Leigh and the Gigi, I would say that it depends on what you want it for. I think the Leigh is a little more fancy, like for going out, or whatever, but the Gigi is a little more business-ish, but still very casual so you can take her to work, shopping, etc. Although, I must say that I am biased because I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with GIGI so I say go for Gigi. I want her in Whiskey (can you tell?).
  8. It's not fair that some stores will allow a Bleeker purchase with PCE and some wont. Some stores even let you keep your PCE for future purchases and some take it away. NOt fair!
  9. If you don't really love the bag you chose, I'd return it and get the gigi that you want. I am a leather person for the most part, but the chocolate signature is really gorgeous. I had the choc sig gigi for a little bit but knew deep down that I really loved the whiskey leather, even if it's a bit heavier.

    I posted a couple of pics of both bags in other threads if you need modeling pics of each style.

    I hope you get what you love!
  10. I just got the chocolate signature gallery tote and I LOVE it!! It's perfect in pretty much every way. I vote for sig because it's lighter, and the chocolate sig is almost a solid's very subtle. So I would get the Gigi in sig, due to it being lighter. I tried on a couple of heavy bags I loved, but couldn't see carrying them for any length of time. Bad on your back and shoulders!
  11. I vote for Leigh! Its a classic style and will go with anything.
  12. I love that Bleeker!
  13. I just ordered the Leigh in the brass/brown. So hopefully I like it! I have to send my other stuff back tomarrow...

    And as someone said above- they let me keep my coupon.

    Thanks all.
  14. YAY!!! I am so happy to hear you ordered the bag you REALLY wanted!!! Please post pics as soon as you get her!!! CONGRATS and ENJOY!!!!
  15. Nice...I'd keep what I got!