Got anything to hide?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Do you hide your bags from your PHH or SO? If so, what are you currently hiding, how long has it been there and where is it?

    I'm hiding a Bal. compagnon in my undies drawer and a Bal. pewter first under another bag.

  2. Nothing yet.. maybe Chanel sometime in the future because of this sale !!!
  3. Not yet but it's coming....
  4. No hiding in my house..unless I had a death
  5. But how can you use your bags and wallet then? Won't your hubby see the cc bill then or do you have your own account? I can't buy anything without dh knowing because we've one account together and my ccs are partner cards so I have to face the judge sometimes:smile:
  6. Hi Tanja, I had a rather large paypal account so have paid for my things mainly with that. This last bag though is on the credit card and I plan on intercepting the statement:ninja:
  7. lol @ Cal!:roflmfao:
    If it's anything major, i always tell the OH...if it's something relatively small and didn't cost much, i tend to keep hermes agenda i got a week ago is currently camping out in the spare room:angel: :wlae:
  8. Always hiding..LMAO...kinda fun..HEE!HEE!HEE!
  9. I hide the majority of my handbags from my mother. She doesn't understand the concept and I'm tired of hearing her say, "Katie... you bought another? When are you going to stop?" LMAO!

    My boyfriend helps support my addiction.
  10. No hiding here. I would be constantly nervous about carrying my bags. Can't do that.
  11. When I was living off my parents, I would hide things left and right. Now, it is different. I would never hide from Vlad anyhow- he knows and supports my addiction :graucho:
  12. I don't hide my handbags from my hubbie, but I simply don't tell him how much they cost.:sneaky: He's fairly clueless about the cost of clothes, bags, etc., so he hasn't asked! He's made comments like "don't you think you have enough purses?", but probably thinks they're all about $100 each or less. Really! Not kidding- bless his little heart. :lol: If he found out though, he would be:wtf: :rant:
    I think he'd still love me though:tender:, but I'd have some explaining and making up to do :wondering :shrugs:
    I purchase my items (like bags) with a separate account that I have through my business. Looks like I will always be working!...
  13. My Frange Speedy.. that may have to stay hidden for a while! At least until I can get it paid off lol
  14. I always say I paid way less for the bags than I did....and my b/f is none the wiser.

    I know it's lying....but whether he thinks I paid $700 or $150 for a bag it really doesn't effect him in anyway and it makes me feel less guilty.

  15. Not really. My BF doesn't know how much my bags cost and we are not blending our financials (yet!) except for cell phone account and gym membership. Last night when I went over to his apartment he made a comment about my "Fendi" bag. Oh, to gently correct him (I was carrying my Saleya PM!).