Got another Toki today...

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  1. And, this is it for a while... i did get an Inferno ( a really really great one) at the DFS in Honolulu, they let me in this time, weird. Didn't get the ciao, loved it, but it was only in Paradiso and that is a really great print. But, i got the Inferno in the mamma mia, and that's a really nice substantial bag. Have all my stuff in it and love the way it feels and looks. Very good weight. When I was on way back from Oahu, older Hawaiian woman looked down and saw my Amore Campoletta (sp?) and she said, Oh I see you have one of the new prints, meaning that Toki is most definately for all ages. She new all about them and was very excited about the new amore print. I did see a fairly nice Spiggia and was really tempted, but in the end, the devils won out. When I get some batteries for camera tomorrow, i'l shoot the bag. I think it's really great placement and everything. I'm so glad you guys encouraged me to go back there, I also was able to use my $30 gift certificate... Toki is hot hot hot...:yes:
  2. I have an Inferno MM and I looove it! It's got my favorite pink ipod girl on both the front and back!! The MM is definitely a nice size. Congrats!!

    And I think you're talking about either the stellina and corriere, since I think those are the two you got if memory serves right.
  3. right. Thanks. It's the Corriere, that's the only one I've used, after looking at your collection Maya and others collections threads, it seems that the Toki lovers really use their bags as collectibles and art moreso than the others... that's the feeling that I get. I have loved using my Corriere, but haven't taken cards, etc off of Stellina nor have I used her, and haven't taken anything off of Mama Mia either, can't wait to show you a pic. I can just tuck cards and que into the black nylon pockets without unwrapping them and no one will see them...I need to look closer to find ipod girl, but I have been comparing to what I see on the collections thread and I'm really happy with my placement. I do think the corriere is a really super styled bag.... very easy and fun to wear, good for the 21st century, phone easy access, high tech... supa cool.
  4. I've got ipod girl on back...On front, I love devil brushing teeth nd the mummy boy do they come up with all this stuff, it's so great! Foresta is a wonderful print too. I love how you and other collectors focus on a print and get a lot of pieces from one print to make the whole collection. Awesome!
  5. congrats Veronika!! I don't own a MM but a lot of people seem to love that style. I do love inferno tho :yes:
  6. yay!congrats! i too have an inferno MM with my watermelon/blue devil dude.. :biggrin: ...cant wait to see pics!
  7. congratz! cant wait to see pics :P
  8. congrats... yay another toki!
  9. congrats, Veronika. I can't wait to see pics too. I think inferno is my fave print still.
  10. Not me! I use my bags!! I just naturally take very good care of things I own so they look new. Hehe. I don't really "collect" things since life is too short!
  11. ^^ that's cool Maya, some girls have the neat gene. I don't. I have to work really hard to be neat, messy girl by nature. I need to work to keep my bags looking really good. So far, i've done well with my LV, my Marc jacobs isnt looking so hot....hehe...
  12. Inferno is just so fun..People do a double take to really make sure that you're carrying little devils around..I lvoe it.
  13. That's so adorable!! I want to see an older woman carrying a toki bag.. Actually, I want to see anybody carrying one, as I haven't yet.
  14. aw! =) yep! toki's are for anyone! i dont think it matters what age you are.. i think it matters if you can afford em HAHA!! when i first saw the toki's i never thought it was for just younger people! i seen em on all ages.. :P
    i seen this lady with a gioco.. she looked like she was in her 50's.. it was so cool on her!
  15. Hi, I've actually never posted but have been reading and learning about Toki's. After seeing all the great photos of so many of you I guess I would be considered and 'older' woman. Im 42 and just ordered my 3rd toki. They are NOT only for younger woman - LOVE them!!!!!