Got Another Prada On The Way!!lol!

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  1. [​IMG]ok-I finally gave in and ordered this..LOl..too cute for bad weather days...:heart:
  2. JILL! You're so baaaaad!

    That's a cool bag though! What's that on it? Kinda rock and roll looking!
  3. Its the new ANIMALIER Prada collection..its a dragon..kind of funky..yet reserved enough for me..LOL
  4. Working your way through the Fall/Winter collection, huh? lol :graucho:

    Love it!

    You know the pics when it comes! :wlae:
  5. yeah, i would like to see the actual bag too! cute tote bag!
  6. I like that! It does look funky, yet cool! Imagine what your PHH will say!
  7. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.
  8. You can't go wrong with a Prada classic nylon bag!! I've had my old nylon tote for over 7 years and beat the stew out of it and it's still kicking. Congrats! BTW... Love your new Avatar, too cute.
  9. Cute bag. I like the design.
  10. Jill, I'd been wondering what that was on those crests. A dragon!! Very neat. I like that it's not all that obvious.

    I really like this collection, mainly due to the dragon hardware.
  11. Congrats, Jill! You are amassing quite a collection!
  12. I love that bag! So cute and perfect for bad weather.
  13. Jill, Congrats! Always look forward to your posts!
  14. Congrats Jill! U r really a Pradatic aka Prada Fanatic!! Lol. Its very chic!
  15. wow jill!what a huge prada collection!i like this bag!!:nuts: