Got another one!

  1. Lindsey ath Southampton is super helpful! I decided I want at least one item from each print that I like, and the Inferno Caramella is only $51 there! So, she picked out one for me with as many characters that I like as possible:

    devil's with the pizza oven, the mummy boy, the devil
    brushing his teeth, the bullets, the Adios brushing his teeth, the white ghost coming
    out of the tree, the devil playing the guitar and the pink ipod girl

    I would have liked to have the watermelon guy, too. But oh well! I can't get them all on something that small! :smile: Next, I am still trying to get myself something Foresta from my boyfriend for my birthday! :smile: And I need to pick out a Spiaggia something! Apparently, Pulse is out of the Ciao, so I will have to pick it in another style!
  2. Congrats!! :yahoo:
  3. congrats GoldenAnkh!

    And so it begins ... a long descent into toki-buying craziness ! :nuts:
  4. cool! :] congrats on your caramella! i hope you find something super for your bday! :biggrin:!!
  5. Congrats on the new bags !
  6. Your caramella sounds so cute! I love the inferno print but haven't decided which style I like the best with it..I already have a bambinone and a stellina so I can't get inferno in these two styles..
  7. i LOVE the pink ipod girl! i am so happy she got it for me on the front of my bella (and she's not cut off!!) when i didn't even know to ask (or what she was talking about when she told me) :p
  8. congrats :biggrin:
  9. congratz! and good luck on ur hunt :graucho:
  10. Congrats!
  11. Congrats!