Got an email survey from eBay about a transaction

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  1. Long story short - I bought a wallet that was in "excellent" condition which turned out like it was run over by a Mack truck. I emailed the seller and asked for a refund and she gladly obliged surprisingly. I sent it back (after taking a lot of pics) and gave her a neutral. She has since "sold' the wallet again and got yet another neutral b/c she refunded them too.

    Well, eBay sent me a long survey about my experience which I gladly took. I was completely honest and they asked me why I didn't neg her and actually had responses that were really accurate.

    It seems as if they are trying to help out the buyers for a change!! Anyway, has anyone else received one?
  2. hm interesting, seems like Ebay is starting to give a damn.

    I've had horrible experience with their customer service. It pisses me off how they give you such a run around for trying to contact them.
    I just got a response a few days ago from 3 emails I sent them over 2 weeks ago about someone trying to scam me into sending them money off site and the email "in response" to me from an "actual person" was total crap, clearly "mike" had not read a single word I wrote.
  3. This made me LOL. One can only hope!
  4. I got one about a bag I returned about two months ago. I didn't complete it though.