Got an early Bday present from DH....

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  1. My birthday is not until 11/18 but we leave for the Bahamas 11/1 for my brother's wedding. I wanted a smaller bag with gold in it to carry around while we are there and going to the marketplace area. He got me the signature stripe demi in gold...


  2. So sweet of you guy!! Happy early Birthday!!
  3. maxiemoo, I love it!!!!! Congrats!!! What a sweet DH you have!!!! Have fun at the wedding! Sounds like it's gonna be a blast! Wish I were going to the Bahamas!!! And Happy early Birthday!!!!
  4. very cute.. that looks great on you!!! :yes:
  5. Happy early B-day!! congrats on the new bag! sweet DH you got there.........for sure! I Hope you, DH, and your new bag have a great time in the Bahamas!
  6. very cute, congrats on the bag and a great hubby! happy early bday!
  7. happy early birthday and have fun in bahamas. love the gold color
  8. that's really cute...and it looks great on you!
  9. Happy birthday and congrats on your new bag.
  10. That is so cute. Enjoy the Bahamas!
  11. congrats, so sweet of your DH. i have this one in light blue. Very light and convient for a quick trip.
  12. Congrats, it's gorgeous! Happy Birthday!
  13. it's so pretty. I am getting really jealous of all the fabulous husbands out there! Have a great birthday and have fun in the Bahamas! :beach: :drinkup:
  14. such a cute bag! it was very sweet of you DH to get it for you. have fun at your brother's wedding!
  15. That's so cute! Have fun in the Bahamas!! :beach: