Got an Alma today!

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  1. I finally decided on a present for my Mom's b-day. A damier alma! My SA was nice enough to dig up a made in france alma for me. No pics though since it's all wrapped up and in a HUGE LV box. I mean HUGE, haha, i'm stoked...I can't wait to see her expression when she sees a huge LV box. And my sister picked up a damier speedy 25 as well. Fun day, just wanted to share.
  2. Nice gift! Your mom will love it! Yummy... Damier Alma!
  3. Congrats! I would love to see pictures of the beautiful Louis Vuitton box! Pretty Please!:tender::flowers:
  4. Ooooh you're such a nice daughter!:love: I'm sure she'll LOVE IT!!! (great choice:yes: )
  5. It's such a great bag! I love mine. Congrats, hon, and have fun with it!!!
  6. please post pics when she opened it if u don't mind :P
    i'm sure her face must be thrilled...
  7. good girl~~your mom will love it!!!!!
  8. What a lovely gift, your mom will be so excited ! :biggrin:
  9. She will be very happy..share some pics
  10. What a great gift!!!:yes:
  11. That is a fabulous gift, I am sure she will love it!
  12. Nice present !
  13. You are too sweet! She will love it
  14. Great bag!! I love the Alma!! She will love it!
  15. That was nice. Take a picture of the box! LOL.
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