Got all excited for nothing!

  1. I came home to a package from H in tha mail :yahoo: :yahoo: I was hoping it would be the new scarf book, but [​IMG] it was the


    Ah well..... one for DH.
  2. LOL! So close Rose!
  3. Oh...more Mr. Longs...porno for Princess B...
  4. ^^ Yes, perhaps I should forward it to the next sister.....
  5. Just might satisfy her cravings if the actual is not available...
  6. bummer:girlsigh:
  7. I just got a call from H saying that they have managed to locate a little something for me, so I'm excited again!
  8. Dear Ms. Rose:

    That's Great!!! Can't wait to share what you have coming?! Hope it is something 'DELICIOUS'?!

  9. ^^^ It just some earrings I have been trying to locate for a while. The Eclipse studs in black.
  10. i didn't even get that one yet!
  11. ^^^ Not super exciting unless one is a 'frivolous' pochette.
  12. Oh MAN!!!!! You got the TIE book? I NEVER get the tie book.

    I never get ANY book, what am I saying..........
  13. Do you have a DH who was happy??
  14. Damn, I could have used one of those to include in Princess B's box so she could have "personal entertainment" on her next flight.

  15. Could they think I am a guy [​IMG] ?