Got a X'mas gift for myself

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  1. here is my x'mas for myself...

    what about you??

  2. undress the bag undress the bag!:hysteric:
  3. turn the music up.. i wanna see that undress :smile:
  4. MC Cozy purse? Vernis Ludlow? Mono Diary Wallet?
  5. [​IMG]

  6. that cracked me up.. :roflmfao:

    Thanks for sneeking us a peek at your Christmas present.. enjoy!
  7. I need to get one for myself too.It's so cute. Congrats.
  8. congrats!!!!what a wonderful x'mas gift from u to u!
  9. aww, shes adorable! congrats!
  10. I buy myself a X'mas gift every year. It's a tradition...
  11. Very nice! I usually buy myself something for Xmas from LV too!
  12. Cute!! Congrats!!
  13. Nice...congrats!
  14. HAHA, we are such LV pervs!!! Nice Christmas gift for yourself!
  15. very nice ... Merry Christmas to you ... mine? I'll show you next week ... lol!