Got a weird email re: my Paypal acct.

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  1. I opened an email address I have not used in over a year and the most recent message said, "This message has been sent by eBay in an attempt to contact you for another member." The actual message was "I paid you through Paypal and I have not received my item, please refund my money or I will report you to eBay and Paypal."

    I was a little flabbergasted trying to figure out how this person got this email address since I stopped using that for Paypal and eBay a long time ago. I went to eBay and there were no messages in my in or out boxes. As I stared at the message I read the name again and the email address to the right of the name several times. The members name was BillysDaddy123 - the weird thing was the eBay email address showed as I almost missed that little twist on his email address!!

    I emailed him back and said, "Listen you %$#(&% (very bad word) scammer if you ever email me again for money I will report you to the police and if they can't find you I will hunt you down myself!" I reported it to eBay and PayPal in case is name has come up in any fraud cases.

    Please be very careful if you get emails from anybody that you have not done business with and look out for that eBya trick! :yes:
  2. You should forward (report) this to and so that they can look into it. They'll send you back an email confirming that it was a spoof so that you can rest easy. I get a ton all the time.
  3. yeah i got one like that but it was more clever coz the reply to was "ebey" not " ebay" it said my account was suspended and they needed me to verify it by givngmy cc info...sheesh
  4. You should NEVER respond to a suspicious email. Cyber scammers are very smart and can worm their way into your computer if you respond. Key stroke loggers and viruses and many other nasties. Please, please run your virus program and contact Ebay/paypal about the advisability of changing your account passwords.
  5. Oh wow, that is scary stuff! I will be sure to keep my eyes peeled for these kinds of email..Thanks for sharing!!
  6. I received an email that looked spot on to an paypal email. When I moused over the link. it had a lot of words including paypal AND "screenshot" so I gather that I had I clicked on the link and logged into my account, they would've had a screenshot of my log-in!

    If the scammers spent half as much time working to get their own money instead of others, they'd be gazillionaires!
  7. Thanks for the advice to contact eBay. I did that last night. I run my virus scan every night and right after I sent my email I used my VENUS Flytrap to destroy any tracking cookies, key loggers, etc. It's a great program. I also always use the onscreen keyboard which another pfer recommended. Now the scammers can't track my keystrokes.

    It's amazing that I have to lock my computer down like Fort Knox...Evil scammers! M
  8. I've received that message before...when I have NEVER even sold on eBay!! Pathetic attempts by desperate people :rolleyes:
  9. I got an e-mail in my Hotmail inbox the other day with a message that said something like "message about Ebay item XXXX". I clicked on it (before going to my actual Ebay inbox to read it) and Hotmail would not let me open it, saying that this was a dangerous message. I tried a couple more times (VERY curious) and saw that a message was about a drum set that I apparently didn't ship?? Anyway, I closed it and forgot about it until now. Btw, my Ebay inbox didn't have any messages.

    Can't believe those scammers!!!
  10. ebay and paypal always addresses the e-mail with "dear -your name-". they never address you by your user id. anything other than that is definitely spam, people trying to get you to give them your precious info. sad to say that some people actually fall for it :sad:
  11. I had not gotten any such e-mails for a while, but I got one about a month ago. I forwarded it to the spoof site and ebay confirmed it was a phishing attempt. Be careful.
  12. becareful zuzu maxx,
    that's definitely a SPOOF... anything with incorrect spelling such as "ebYa' is like a spammer... the best way is check your eBay emails from your eBay account. If there is no email in your eBay account and there is one in your regular email account, that email is a spam.
    My account got hijacked once when I first started using eBay.
  13. Thanks simplymenotte

    I checked my eBay account right after I signed out of my email account and you are correct that there was not an email in my eBay inbox. I can't believe people actually do this!

    I keep $1.00 in my Paypal account and next week I am going to open a personal checking account just for Paypal stuff. I use Paypal at other websites too so I don't want to close it altogether.

    Thanks again - M
  14. Yeah, they have the latest ones saying to "update your paypal account"..... WTF, I don't even have paypal! I've always shopped cash!

    But will be sorry to hear someone already stressed coming home from work and falling into these scams because they did not take a second to look over these bogus e-mails.
  15. Watch out where these spammers are from... poor innocent people will not only be funding terrorist... but some other countries "getting rich" off our pockets without putting in an effort into a real "job".

    Just think on how many poor souls lost their shirts on these scams that could potentially hurt their credit, affect their jobs in our today's economy... yeah, internet is without morals and I hate that it has come to this... just sad. Glad I never believed in "Web" shopping from day 1... since beta era 10 years ago..