Got a Taffy!

  1. Wanted to share! Awhile back I had asked about the Taffy. I saw someone a parent at the school I work at carrying one and I was almost sold. I forgot about it and a week ago or so someone else was asking about one. I wanted the leather one with the C's on it and it's gone from the stores, so I checked eBay and here she is! Thanks Coachlover123 for authenticating it for me!
  2. Oh, it's so pretty! Congrats! I have the tote version of that bag and I love the embossing on it - it really looks great on the taffy.

    BTW - how much can you fit in one of those?
  3. Love it!! Congrats!! Post medling pics?! Nice choice!
  4. Congrats. very cute... the embossing makes it different.
  5. **oops!!** Sorry..meant modeling pics!!! :p
  6. Congrats, it's gorgeous. Happy to help :smile:
  7. I love it, very pretty!
  8. Very pretty!! Love it! That is the perfect travel bag for me! now I'm rethinking this too!!
  9. the embossing looks great on the taffy. congrats!
  10. I love the embossing, the color and the style - everything! Congrats.
  11. Congratulations.
  12. That's really cute with the embossing! Very pretty bag! Congrats!
  13. Very cute, I love this bag!
  14. beautiful bag! congrats.
  15. I really like the embossed leather.