Got a Stam bag on sale on NAP!!!

  1. OMG! It's my lucky day...I found a MJ Stam Bag on sale at NAP! I got it at 543 pounds so that's about US$1000 exactly. Great deal, no?

    It's probably a return but I'm hoping that won't be a problem. It's PUTTY with the blue suede lining...can't wait to get it! :yahoo:
  2. That is fantastic! Great find. It is worth taking a chance on, because doesn't NAP have a great return policy? Post pics when you get it!
  3. wow!!!!!
  4. :yahoo:
    congrats!!! which size did u get? i hope the big one? :P
  5. that's a great deal for a stam, it says the sale price was $920. that's awesome i hope you enjoy it!
  6. SCORE! That is an awesome find... a coveted bag/color for a bargain. Congrats!
  7. Congrats on the great color. I have one and I love it!
  8. Great price, gorgeous color!
  9. Wow! That's an amazing deal! Congrats!!!
  10. that's a great deal. Enjoy!!!!!!!
  11. wow, cooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is one lovely stam!
  12. its very pretty....
    i am so jealous....
  13. hazelsarah, congrats!!

    However, just a note of caution, I advice you to ring them up and get them to confirm that it is indeed the putty. Reason I am saying this is because I purchased a putty (well, the listing description was for a putty) from NAP about 3 weeks ago and when it arrived, I opened the package and it was Chalk instead of putty!:crybaby:

    I was hoping that it was a simple mistake of them sending the wrong colour, but turned out that they don't have the putty in stock anymore (that time). I was so heartbroken and as I didn't really like the patent leather, I returned the chalk about a week and half ago and they have confirmed that they received the bag already. I hope that they haven't repeat their mistake and advertised the chalk as putty like last time....

    If you are really pedantic about it being putty, like I was, then you'd better make sure that they are sending you the right one. Otherwise, you'll go through heartache like I did. Not to mentioned that I am still not getting anywhere in getting them to refund local tax/duty AUD 309 (about USD 233, roughly 20% the price of the bag) that I had to pay to DHL to get the bag released to me. Called them 3 times, emailed more than half dozen of times, and they still stuffed me around!!! :rant:

    But if you don't mind the Chalk (and remember you still got a substantial discount on a nice bag), I can tell you that the bag was in pristine condition. Clean, no scratches, no problems with the frame or kisslock. The only annoying (well, I find it annoying) is how the handles "squeak". But I heard from other people that it'll go away.

    Anyway, I hope I haven't put your spirit down, I didn't meant to if I have. I had such highs after thinking that I have managed to score smt that I really like and hard to find, only to crash back down to earth (so to speak :smile:, I have since recovered :P). I just don't want other ppl to feel the same as I did. All the best!! :flowers:

    Yay!! My first post on TPF!! :wlae:
  14. Hey Asong, thanks for the heads up! Honestly I'm not too fussy about the colours (phew! =) ). I'm just pretty glad to have got a bargain. :tender: If I'm really getting the bag that you returned, then I'm extra excited! :yahoo: I've just been so worried that there might be a problem with the bag, esp with regards to the kisslock.

    Hope you manage to get your refund back! Oh and just wondering, why didn't you decide to ebay your bag? Considering there is so much demand for it?
  15. hazelsarah, that's a good attitude!! I admire you for that. I really couldn't be bothered to ebay it coz I know the chalk is not as popular as putty or some other colour which would guarantee a sale. NAP had pretty decent return policy where you don't have to pay return shipping and since I got it during June, they had free shipping promotion. I also thought I would have a better chance of getting the tax money back from them than from ebaying it... Anyway, I hope you love the bag, whichever one you're getting!!!

    Below are a few pics of the chalk I returned.