Got a sneak peek at Valentine's accessories today

  1. I love my SA at the Union Square store. He's all, "hey Jane, how's it going?" when I walked in. Ahhh. I told him I just wanted a peek at all v-day accessories, so he went in back to get a few things for me.

    1. pastilles key ring: SO RAD. Definitely getting this in red. Will work beautifully as an extender on any bag with a clip-strap, as well.

    2. heart coin purse: super cute, though not really for me. The chain is very sweet, though. Also saw it in white MC.

    3. only saw pictures of scarves. Tim didn't know anything about a "pocket square" and we suspected it may be a different pink and white square scarf which is made up entirely of the LV flower motif (no LVs) in a mosaic pattern. Cute! There are also some long bandeaus coming out in summer that will have a neat different mosaic pattern.
  2. The mosaic scarf is already up at the web just below the heart scarf. It looks really gorgeous and comes in a lot of dfferent colours.
  3. Neither of the scarves I saw in the look book are on the LV French or British sites. I have never seen them online before. The Carre Farandole you're referring to is a different scarf.
  4. My mistake. =) Can't wait to see the one you're referring to.
  5. Oooh... That's what I was thinking of using it as an extender.
  6. I reserved the pastilles in white and the heart shape coin purse in perle. They are going to send them out Feb 1. The SA at Tysons Corner VA was very helpful.
  7. It's an all-over pattern of fleurs just like the ones in my signature. I think it was pink & white? Super cute.
  8. I wish I got a sneak peak I am so confused. I don't know which one to chose. I think I'm going to go for the envelope pouch ( not sure if thats what its called) in white. If I can't fit my ID in the heart then I really don't have use for it but I def want somethign from them St. Valentine line.
  9. I saw the pouch too, it's cute though very small indeed. You could fit one or two cards and a couple bills, tops.
  10. Oh yea when I called 866 Vuitton to inquire about a perfo bandeau the girl told me that new Bandeaus were coming out and they are really pretty. She told me about a mosaic print and if I'm not mistaken a paisley print(not 100% sure about paisley). I can't wait to see them in person or pictures.
  11. Do you think I would be able to fit my liscense in the heart?
  12. I didn't check... someone else who has tried it may be able to answer, though.
  13. i love hearts. but i hate valentines day.
  14. Oh I love the valentines Pastilles keyring :heart: