Got a Q for EPI petit noe...

  1. I'm fairly new to this site and after I've done some research and got to see some amazing pix from you guys, I'm totally in love w/ the petit noe from Epi in ROUGE!!!!!:heart:

    I went to the LV boutique after I got off work tonight, which is 2 blocks away from my apat, and got myself a treat.....I tried to look for the date code but was kinda clueless whatsoever... can anybody offer some help here??
  2. It's on the strap wear it attaches to the bag. You need to gently bend it back and it should be on one of the sides I think. That's where mine is, but mine was made in 1995. HTH!
  3. thanks turtlejd!!!!

    i got it, and it's right @ where u said it should be ....

    it reads AR0017 = which in human words meaning made in France, Jan 2007??:confused1:
  4. ^Yup I thought the red was already discontinued but I guess not since they´re still making it! Post pics please, red epi is gorgeous!
  5. That's what that datecode would mean- wow that's fast! :wtf:
  6. i was actually at the store the day before and my SA told me that all the EPI petit noe were out of stock and they r expecting the next shipment on this guess how excited i was this afternoon when i got this call from my SA and my rouge petit noe arrived early....:yahoo:
  7. Yeah! Glad you found it. You have a brand new baby one! Post pics when you get a chance. We'd :heart: to see a beautiful red epi petit noe!
  8. Congratulations & pictures please
  9. Congrats!
    Pics plz...
  10. Welcome to tPF :welcome: and CONGRATS on a great bag!!!:yahoo:
  11. thx everybody!! I sure will post some pics when i get a chance tonight....
    the red epi is just adorable:heart:

    just wondering is it true that LV replaced the golden hardware with the silver for the epi line?? i kinda wish mine is in golden so that it goes with many of my charms.....:rolleyes:
  12. LV_ addict- love your picture