Got a Pirata Gioco and turned into a CiaoCiao

  1. I got my order from Pulse and sadly it had a blurry print on the front under the zipper. The back with the full print was fine but it just bugged me too much. And although I like the bag for casual use, it would not make a good travel bag because it was a little smaller than I expected and for some reason one of the shoulder straps kept falling off my shoulder. So I was not a happy camper. :crybaby:

    I went to the Lesportsac store to ask about the defect and another customer there happened to overhear and said she'd buy my blurry Gioco from me. They were totally sold out of the Pirata Gioco at all of our stores and said she'd rather have a blurry Gioco than no Gioco. Plus it wasn't blurry all over the bag and not too noticable unless you really looked at it. I told her I didn't want a check so she said she'd buy the bag I wanted from the Lesportsac store and I could pay the difference. I was going to get the Scuola but then I fell in love with the Ciao Ciao as soon as I saw it hidden in the back. I loved how it showed the entire print uncut. They let me choose one from 5 that they had in the back but all of them looked good. Best of all it was exactly the same price that the Gioco was selling for so she bought it and we did an even exchange and we were both happy.

    I am so happy I finally got a perfect non-blurry Pirata Ciao Ciao. I never expected to like this style until I saw it in person and now I love it. I keep staring at the print and trying to choose a favorite character and I can't, lol. Here are pics of the bag, me using it messenger and on the shoulder, and how it looks on a 7 yr old messenger style. Hehe, he said he'd definitely carry it when we go on vacation. :love:
    toki pira.jpg toki pirb.jpg toki pir4.jpg toki pir5.jpg toki pir6.jpg
  2. Good for you! I like how the print shows in the style.:yes:
  3. Here are pics of the bag with stuff in it and what I put inside. It looks pretty good partially stuffed.
    toki pir2.jpg toki pir1.jpg toki pir3.jpg
  4. Thanks papillon216, it was such a relief. It was such a bummer to receive the blurry print. Kind of like you wait and hope for the best and then you get the sinking feeling of "I can't believe this is happening to me." Luckily that lady was willing to do the exchange with me.
  5. ^Thanks for the pics! It looks good partially stuffed. I was actually wondering what the ciao ciao would look like with stuff in it, knowing the width is kinda thin.

    You were real lucky, perfect timing that you saw that lady too, I guess it was meant to be. When I read your post about the blurry print, I got so worried and ran to take a look at my BV very closely! LOL! Good thing it's okay. I know what you mean, waiting for something expectantly only to be disappointed!
  6. Trust me, you will know automatically when it is blurry. You kind of look away and look again. Then you squint your eyes. Then you notice the ladies have 2 lips and 2 pairs of eyes rather than one, lol.:wtf: It was rather funny. At least I can laugh about it now. :lol:
  7. I'm happy you got your perfect bag with your perfect placement. I love my ciao ciao too! I hope my amore bag from pulse isnt blurry. That would suck sooo bad!
  8. oh that's gorgeous! the bottom portion of your bag showing the 2 girls sitting...beautiful! ur making me want a ciaociao!
  9. I'm using my ciao ciao to hold diaper stuff too! What's great about it is that when you need to, you can over stuff it and leave the flap up and still carry it over your body. (I need to do that sometimes because I'm carrying a 25 lb toddler up and down a flight of garage stairs along with other stuff to get to the car!
  10. Disney,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your blurry pirata. Luckily, I said something to the SA to check and make sure I didn't get a blurry print. It must have been fate for you and that other woman to meet up like that! How fantastic is that! Saved you the cost of having to ship it back. I'm glad you're happy with your ciao ciao it looks great on you and your son and it looks like you are able to pack a lot of stuff in it.

    I had a change of heart and decided to keep my pirata gioco after all. I must be :nuts: .
  11. I actually would love to get the pirata gioco also. It is a pretty good size bag but I needed it for travel also and something that my kids would be able to carry on the plane. It fell off my older sons shoulder so I am saving the gioco for my amore.

    Casey was sweet and is going to give me free shipping whenever I make my next order with whatever promotion is going on so maybe I will get my amore gioco from them.
  12. The blurry thing keeps happening to me and when you see it you know right away. I can't believe that pulse doesn't have quality control to get rid of those blurry bags... they should be 75%off at the outlet...not selling for full retail price in regular stores....they stink!! Congrats on your semi-trade! Good for u!! I love your new bag! :love:
  13. Well, at least Casey is giving you a free ship for the next purchase. Still though that isn't right she should have never sent you a blurry toki. Good choice on the amore gioco. I think that print looks beautiful in that bag style. As far as I know I'm still on preorder for it. She never did cancel it out. So lucky for me since I changed my mind about the pirata gioco.