Got a PCE card in the mail today!

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  1. Its good through August 16-24 and excludes Hamptons, Hamptons Vintage, Legacy, and Zoe collections.
  2. you know i have a feeling im not goig to get one b/c i used my last one at macys. but that doesnt leave much left besides bleeker, carly, and signature stripe.
  3. I know! I can't believe they are excluding so many lines. Coach would probably make a lot more money if they included these lines as well..
  4. Theyll be included in the next PCE - the newest line(s) to come out gets excluded.
  5. i really agree i would have definatly gotten the hamptons caryall if it was included
  6. wow, what macys did they let you use it at?
  7. I got mine today too!!! I was all excited & I didn't even read the fine print about the exclusions until I read this thread!!! Oh well--I'm sure I will find something...:yes:
  8. the one in the ocean county mall in toms river, nj
  9. *crosses fingers* I hope I get one! too bad about all the exclusions though...i'll call my store and see
  10. wow!!! how do you get one and how do i get one?
  11. If anyone gets their PCE and doesn't want to use it for some reason I'd love to take it off your hands! For some reason I never get them sent yet I buy from the boutiques .. grr..
  12. WooHoo!!! :yahoo: Just got the card today. It's the "Early Fall Event Days" from August 16 - 24. It DOES exclude Hamptons, Hamptons Vintage, Legacy, and Zoe collections (Booooo!)

    Check you mailboxes!
  13. YES!!!! They said I should be getting one!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  14. What is a PCE? Pardon the newbie that needs to be educated! ")
  15. Preferred customer event. Some customers get a card from Coach and it's good for 25% off certain items (excluding whatever is listed on the card).