got a package from let-trade, but...

  1. hello girls! since it's my first thread, i want to introduce a little about myself. i'm 20 ys old, second year nursing student and i study and live in canada right now. i'm originally from China.

    i wanted to make this first thread a happier one, but... i received a package pickup notice today, which claimed that i have to pay 140 dollars tax. the bag itself was only 280 dollars, i wonder why they charge so much for tax. it's really frustrating. i don't know what to do. do you think i should just pay the tax? please give me some advice.:crybaby: i ll be very appreciated.
  2. congrats on your new bag, i'm sorry you have to pay the customs fee though! If you want your bag you kind of have to pay it...
  3. Oh wow. Sorry to hear that. Lots of people have purchased from let-trade and have not had to pay duty. i guess it depends on where you live.

    i don't think you can avoid paying the tax if you want the bag, but I'm not sure. Can someone else help?
  4. oh and welcome to the forum!
  5. Welcome to the forum, but unfortunately you do have to pay the customs charge to get your bag.
    I'm surpised that it's so high!!!
    Is it possible that the retail value of the bag was put on the form and not what you paid?
  6. thanks so much for the nice response..... i guess i just got bad luck..... poor me.............
  7. wow so sorry this happened to you..maybe can you just not accept the bag and get a refund...i have no idea though:hrmm:
  8. i m so confused right now... i want the bag.. but with another 150 bucks, i can get a new one from the boutique... soo i m really not sure if i should get it......
  9. WOW why is it so high??
  10. Hi! Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry that you had to pay such high customs...ouch....
  11. It shouldn't be that high
  12. sorry to hear about it, did the custom call you to inform you this? If so, you could try ask them whey the tax is so high and negotiate? what value did Lettrade put on the package?
  13. aww.. sorry to hear that! I don't know what advice to give you... I'm not sure that you can dispute the customs charge? Perhaps a trip to the post office may be able to help - if someone there is willing to explain. However, I usually find that they're too busy to really be extremely helpful...

    aww.. hope it works out well! That's the tricky thing with international buys... the customs charge is sometimes seems quite random and can completely diminish any savings..

    Best of luck!!
  14. i havent seen the package in person yet. i was away today when the postman came. so they put a notice in my mailbox asking me to pick up the package tmr and pay the 140 dollars plus tax fee. it is a monogram twin pm (or gm, i forgot).
  15. thanks everyone for all the advice. u guys are so nice....
    i ll go to the post office tmr and find out what's going on there......thanks again!
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