Got a new LV...reveal!

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  1. I was over in London and Paris this summer and while in Paris I had to visit the LV store on the Champs Elysee. I was in the store for over an hour. It was so busy and there was SO much to look at! While there I spotted this gorgeous bag called the icare. It had a laptop section, a front pocket for pens, my blackberry etc and I could attach it to a suitcase. After a lot of debating over various bags, and a very helpful SA I got the bag. I am hoping to take the Luggage tag to Vancouver to get it heat stamped.

    Here are some pics of my new baby....and one of the outside of the store (hopefully they work)

    Also, later that evening on the Champ Elysee I saw Kimora Lee Simmons, her BF and kids...but I didn't have my camera so sadly no pics

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  2. congrats on your new gorgeous bag!!!
  3. Congrats .. great bag:tup:
  4. Love it!!!!
  5. [​IMG]

    So pretty ! congrats! so did Kimora Lee Simmons look beautiful?
  6. Nice bag! Congratulations.
  7. Ooh, it looks fabulous, I've never seen this one before! What size is this? Would love some pics in brighter light when you have a moment. :flowers:

    What a fabulous purchase to have made from the Mothership! Can't believe you were there only an hour!
  8. Ooh congrats, this is the new Icare (sp?) right?
  9. very nice!!
  10. oh i like this bag! i don't think i've seen this before. may i ask how big a laptop it can store? would you mind sharing some modelling pics? congrats...she is a beauty!
  11. It's the first tPFer pic of the icare I've seen here and it's niiice. Congrats! The LV CE shot is great, too!
  12. Great bag!

    I bought a Damier Icare on monday. I loved the Monogram, but I was so worried about vachetta, but it is stunning. I had a hard choosing, they're both beautiful.

    Congrats on a great bag ;)
  13. congras! I think you are the first pt is own this bag! I wonder if they will have a graphite verson hmmm
  14. Woweeee! Your new purchase is gorgeous!!!!!! :drool:
  15. Nice bag ~~ Congrats