Got A New Hermes Birkin 25cm in Black and I am Very Sad!

  1. A week ago I purchased a birkin bag from a website that guarantees authenticity. The bag in the photos looked 100% authentic to my eyes... When i got the bag today i took photos of it and i put the photos on the authenticate this section... Someone told me it was not real.. I am so upset right now.. It was supposed to be a gift to my GF.. This is so embarrassing, her birthday came and I really want to give her a gift.. You ladies know how hard it is to get a birkin bag even if you have the money... So i was thinking should i return the bag to the website... Or should i just give the bag to my gf.... I am so confused!! It is true if it sounds to good to be true then there is something wrong... I learned my lesson today.. Here are the pics of the birkin..
    S7300001.JPG S7300005.JPG S7300011.JPG
  2. Oh, no. Send it back. Please don't encourage the counterfeit industry.
  3. Agree with HG -- you should send it back.
  4. I guess I'll go ahead and return it..
  5. It cost wayyy to much for a fake!! What was i thinking
  6. :yes:

    There's a list of reputable sellers in the Hermes Shopping section above. I'm sure you can find something from one of them.
  7. Thanks hermesgroupie..
  8. I agree and I would send it back. And if you're worried about disappointing your girlfriend maybe you can print out a picture of it and show it to her with a sweet note saying this is what she's getting etc. Good things are worth waiting for and I'm sure she realises how much trouble you went through and appreciates that :smile:
  9. send it back
  10. That would be nice.. I really learned my lesson today.. You cant buy authentic Hermes under retail no matter what... If i showed her the bag she probably wouldn't let me return it..LMAO.. Thank god she doesn't know about the purseforum!! lol
  11. Agreed. Send it back. Look at the inventory thread under the shopping section. There are bags out there. If you're near a store, tell them your very sad story and maybe you'll get very lucky!!
  12. The nearest Hermes is King of Prussia, or Hermes in New York.. I doubt they will let me buy a birkin.. I don't have time to create a relationship with the
  13. This is so stressful.. I feel so blahhh today..
  14. There are some great resellers.
  15. How sad! You are a great BF to think of getting this for her. Do a little research and you will find a good reputable reseller to get you what you are looking for. Best of Luck!