Got a New Bag and New wallet questions on practicality of wallet..

  1. This is my first real post and although I read the Rules I am still not sure where it goes so bear with me.

    SO I just got a Taiga Alexei (ardo) so of course I needed a new wallet to go with it. I got the Taiga Accordion wallet, after looking at all the wallets in the line ( I dont really like the ones with coin pockets, even though I did like the zippered wallet but coin pocket was a minus for me and the one design that had the id window I was just not feeling). I love the look of the wallet and it looks great with the bag, but I am wondering about its practicality. Its still sitting in its brown box awaiting my descision. I have only owned the typical mens wallets and never used an alternative wallet like this. I am hoping anyone who has an accordion ( specifically any of the men hopefully, but any input is greatly appreciated) can tell me how they like it or even reccomend an alternative. Is this a case of me being enamoured with style over substance ??

    I have a Utah Compact wallet now and although I just love it (if it came in taiga I would so get one) I am one of those people that likes my wallet to match my bag at least in color.On a side note if I end up not liking this one I will probably go with the nomade koala wallet. Its not taiga which is a minus but I love the way it looks and its black at least and it might be more practical....
  2. HI LVcubster!
    Welcome to the forum!! ;)
    Congrats on your new goodies!
    So, you're not so sure about your new wallet and it's praticality... You just have to use it at least once to see if you like it or not! The wallet is gorgeous and, in my opinion, very practical. It has lots of credit card slots, it has the zippered pouch for whatever you don't want to lose, and the other compartiments for bills, receipts and stuff. The style is great! But if you are not really feeling it, maybe you should at least put all your stuff inside it and use it once, so if you return it you won't feel bad and with the "what if..." feeling.
    About the matching wallet and bag... IMO it shouldn't be a criteria when chosing a wallet... You should but the one that you fell in love at first sight, but wasn't matching your bag... but that's just my opinion! If you want them to match, and if you chose to return your wallet, I think black Nomade would be PERFECT, and it would be more versatile since it's smooth and doesn't have any grain or emboss, it will go with just about anything, from executive Taiga to vintage look Utah!
  3. Hi Cedric and thanks,

    I guess yout right I love the look of the wallet so the only way I can gage functionality is seeing how it functions for me (by very gently testing it out). Unforunately like some many LV things I fell in love with both wallets. The shape of the accordion and the hawt looking chain, the taiga look and feel. The matte black of the nomade and the silver central buckle, awesome finish to the leather. I would get both but there is a new bag comming in september in the lookbook that I was eyeing that I think I should wait for and who needs that many wallets anyway ...:roflmfao:....(I am trying to convince myself I dont)..hehehe
  4. (^^Hello Bruno! How are you??)

    LVcubster. I like accordeon wallet but for me it's not practical since when I don't carry bag I like to keep it in my jeans back pocket. Maybe you'll like smaller wallets from another lines(Nomade:drool:/Damier)??:confused1:

    BTW: I'll use Utah compact wallet, it's my favourite LV wallet!! Congrats on bag!!
  5. I love my utah as well but I have had it for a while and wanted a black wallet. I Know what you mean I like to keep the wallet in my pocket as well. The accordion was strictly a bag only type deal though it seems like if I didnt have my bag, I could probably put it in my back pocket it would stick out quite a bit though but it does have that chain that I could attach to a belt loop. which would look pretty sweet too....hmmm maybe I will try that when I get a chance and see if its feasible....I should have though about trying that in the store...doh.
  6. My DH has a damier accordion. He keeps it in his front pocket, and he's a really picky kind of guy. He was so happy that the accordion came out as he didn't like ANY of the other wallets' compartments. (He was looking for a very specific wallet that suited him for half a year, and we went to everywhere from Hermes to Dunhill and all the boutiques, from the expensive ones to the cheap ones. I hate shopping with straight guys! Half a freaking year to choose a wallet! Half a year!) His old wallet was like George's in Seinfeld, stuffed to the point of bursting.