Got a medium classic flap for $1795

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  1. Does this seem odd to anyone?

    I thought they increased to $1995

    Please! Someone! Explain!
  2. what color and what hardware? also which dept store? because some stores are selling old stock at OLD prices.
  3. Saks nyc?

    black with silver?

    does this sound right?
  4. very possible.

    Alot of the department stores are selling the older stock with the pre increased prices.
  5. whew! i thought maybe my SA was incompetent, and I was getting something weird!

    you have put my mind at ease
  6. Count your blessing, er dollars saved!!! Congrats :smile:
  7. Maybe it's the small size? The old medium size retailed for $1596 before the price increase, so $1795 is an odd price. Is it 9 or 10 inches across?
  8. ^ if so, that's great!
  9. yeah, 1795 is an "odd price", nm had med. lambskin for 1850, and unless it's a lambskin jumbo which would've been at 1795 pre price increase, not really sure what creature is. pls provide more details
  10. I was shocked when she told me 1795. So I double-triple checked the details with her over the phone:

    medium, black, caviar classic flap with silver hardware.

    I couldn't figure out how?
  11. that's odd, but congrats!? if that's what you're looking for, it's a "great" price.
  12. I am wondering it is a returned 1 of the early lot from the previrous buyer and the price should be the same as that @ that time.
  13. :yahoo: I just bought a large black flap today with silver hardware, cavair, from a Chanel boutique for $1850 + tax. measures 12 x 8 x 3 1/2. hope that helps. PS I'm so crazy in love with this bag I may sleep with it! It sounds like you got a great bag for a great price.
  14. I've seen $1795 on the medium caviar at all the Chanels by me (NYC). $1950 is the price for the medium lambskin.
  15. I think it's a big savings on a beautiful handbag! Don't doubt on it! :biggrin: