Got a Mandy, Yeah!


Mar 13, 2006
I just won a whiskey mandy on ebay. It ended up being 405, more than I wanted to pay but I get tired of stalking ebay everyday. I am so worried I won't like the bag because I know the whiskey does scratch up. I love my black ali but wanted something a little bigger, I carry a lot. Now to feed my coach obsession even more, I'm thinking of getting a black Mandy. Do you think they will get cheaper on ebay in the next few months or should I wait to see what new legacy bags are coming in the future.
Congrats on getting a beautiful bag! Don't worry too much about the whiskey scratching; it really does wear well over time. I've had my whiskey ali for over a year now and it still looks gorgeous. Yes, it's got some scratches but this leather just gets better with use. Enjoy it!
I would check the outlets there were a lot of black mandys maybe just call around. That was still a good deal and you will love that bag. I don't have one but love that style
But remember after tax it is closer to $400 so you didn't pay that much more than in outlets, and if somebody shipped it to you, you would still have to pay shipping. If you drove to the outlet, you would have to pay for gas, and at today's prices...!! You got a very good deal!