Got a LV wallet for X-Mas, BUT!!!!

  1. I got a LV wallet from my friend for xmas, but it was from Sak's instead of a real Louis Vuitton store!!! I wanted my wallet from the actual store, not Saks! I wanted to return it, but my friend didnt give me a gift receipt and I'm afraid to ask for. What should I do???
  2. There's nothing wrong with getting it at Sak's LV. What do you not like about the Sak's LV?
  3. does it really make a difference? when you buy from Saks they give you a Louis Vuitton shopping bag instead of the Saks shopping bag, and the packaging is the same as that in the boutique
  4. :yes:
  5. You'd get the same thing whether you purchased it at Saks or at an LV boutique.
  6. yeah, don't think there is much of a difference...I say keep it and enjoy the lovely gift your friend gave you!
  7. Sweet friend. LV in Saks is a real enough just not a stand alone boutique it still represents LV though.
  8. well. if it was a matter of where the bag was made, like usa or france... then maybe you could return it... but saks is perfecly fine. its basically a boutique... it is counted as a boutique at,, and it should be counted as one for everyone else..
  9. We only have a small number of LV stores here so I can't comment on any difference but you've been given an LV!!:nuts: Enjoy your new wallet, I would love to get LV for a gift!:yes:
  10. Odd - do you not like the wallet itself? If you don't like it, then by all means return it. However, in my opinion, it seems a bit childish to dislike a present based on where it as bought -- I mean if its real LV, why do you care? While I am all for the experience of shopping at a boutique, don't negate the fact that your friend bought you a fairly expensive present - regardless of where it was bought, enjoy the wallet and know that your friend thought enough of you and your friendship to display it through his/her thoughtful gift of LV......
  11. I am sorry, but c'mon! Your friend gave you a LV, and you should feel happy about that! If you buy from Saks, it is almost the same thing as buying from the boutique. Everything it is the same about the product!
  12. I wish I had a friend that gave me anything LV for X-mas! :yes: send her my way...I'll take anything from Saks Louis Vuitton.;) ...Hell...I'll even take it in a Saks bag for that matter...:graucho:
  13. uhhh... the lv boutique inside of SAKS is owned by lv, they just "rent" a space cause a lot of people prefer using their saks card for points or whatever. That's how it is at the Neiman Marcus that we have here. It's still the same thing. You shouldn't overreact, plus its the thought that counts. You should be happy that your friend even got you a gift when he/she didn't have to.
  14. I'm confused, how do you even know it's from Saks? I mean don't they package it in the LV box and bag? :confused1:
  15. I'm with you on this matter. The OP's friend was thoughtful enough to give her/him a gift and the OP is complaining because it didn't come from the right store? :shrugs: