Got a little treat at a discount...

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  1. In Hawaii! The prices were better than I expected for the most part, a lot a solid 7-8% less! I only got a little something @ LV, but I did get a big something from a great jewelery store!! So LV was not a priority this Hawaii trip...I love cles and I've been waiting to get this one so I think this will be the last addition to my cles collection for a while, White Suhali!

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  2. It's so cute, congrats!!
  3. Very cute, congrats!!
  4. Awesome cles collection you got there! Congrats!
  5. OOOHH! I love it!!! I like your verni cles..I don't know the color, I'm guessing marshmallow perhaps?! but good buy!!!
  6. Beautiful collection of cles. The white suhali is TDF though. I think I need one....:love:
  7. Verrry cute!:love:
  8. cute! and wow! that is some collection!!
  9. Thank you! the vernis is beige.
  10. I actually tried to get a marshmallow one at one point but my SA couldn't find it......BTW your speedy looks great on you in your picture, what size is it????
  11. Congrats!!! very cute :smile:
  12. ooohhh, fabulous white suhali. I'm going to Hawaii in June, but Kauai, where there's not lotsa shopping, but I have to find out if there's LV in the Honolulu airport... are ya feeling tons of aloha now???? all mellow and stuff.... congrats on your new bling too!
  13. congrats!
  14. Beautiful addition to your collection.
  15. LOVE white suhali!

    Would love 3 more Suhali cles's but that would be dumb for me lol