got a little tipsy while carrying my LV!! a "whoops" story


Sep 10, 2007
San Francisco
hello! i just want to share this little story. i used my mini lin speedy in ebene last night and i tried to fit everything in that purse, even my jacket. so when i was looking for my digicam, i accidentally spilled my drink (rum and coke). i guess i was already a little tipsy to bother going to the restrooms and quickly save my LV. but when i checked this morning under the broad california sunlight, there weren't any marks!!! i kept saying im sorry to my purse but it just made me LVoe that purse even more, soo low maintenance! Although, i would NEVER do that again: carry a purse in one arm while holding a drink!:sweatdrop: whew!!


Jan 5, 2007
Across a pond
I Hadd sooo many things happening to my "club" LVs! Don't worry" it' can take a lot! As long as it's coatd canvas is will be ok. I*m thinking aobut getting an eremesu leather but I fear for the handling as the leathe rsurely ill be more fragile than the plastic canvasu coating!