Got a little something...

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  1. Picked this up today :smile: Marked down from $85 to $55... It's so cute, I never saw it before until today.. I'm gonna use as either bandana or belt.. :heart:

  2. Ooh its soo cute! Congrats
  3. That is so cute! I love it!
  4. Very cute- great price too
  5. Cute! Congrats!
  6. so pretty, congrats!!
  7. SOOOOO CUTE!! I want one,too.
  8. So cute.
  9. it's lovely.
  10. Love that color!
  11. That is really nice!!:smile:
  12. Oooh such a pretty color.What a steal of a deal.Congrats:tup:
  13. Oh it's soo cute!!! Congarts! lol Now I want one.
  14. That is adorable! Very appropriate for summer!
  15. I love these types of scarves! I love how you can use it as a hair tie or belt..So super cute for the summer. Congrats!