Got a little something yesterday!

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  1. I wasn't expecting it so that was exciting. I have been into small bags lately. Mainly because I have a bad back and my right shoulder which is my bag shoulder gives me trouble so I can't always carry a big bag. Sometimes I need a break. I fill them up so much and they get very heavy!

    Here's is my newest addition. The small Julia. I just love this berry color!! It's a great size for a smaller bag too. I had to get the matching keyring and scarf. I think it's so adorable. But then I was wondering if it's too cutsey? I love it though so I am going to keep it on regardless. I'm 35 so lately I am always worried about this sort of thing my sister thinks I'm silly.

    Oh, and I was going to ask a question. I ordered over the phone and when I got my bag it was in the shopping bag and the SA noticed it wasn't wrapped so she wrapped it. Then when I got it home the tags were removed and inside the inner pocket. So I was wondering, to they always do that because before when I bought in the store they didn't take my tags off for me and put them in the inner pocket like that.

  2. That is cute, I have seen Britney Spears pictured with this same bag. I like you, have some back and sciatica issue's, so now I will carry my op art dot small sophia more than my glam tote:smile:I agree that when you carry a larger bag, you tend to fill it quickly.So enjoy your new little bag, your back will appreciate it:smile:
  3. Thanks! I just love the this yummy berry color!

    Yes that's exactly what I have too, sciatica. I get this weird pain that shoots down my arm and not matter how hard I try I just can't carry my bags on my right shoulder it feels so weird. Maybe I should just get used to it and try more often but then that shoulder has it's own issues which is probably why I always carried my bags on my left. Oh well it's a good excuse to get lots of cute small bags! lol They're so affordable too. I might get the silver Julia too now. lol I love Britney. I am a huge fan of her so seeing her with the bag was fun. Although sometimes I want to get a hold of her and her hair! lol Poor thing. I love her anyway.
  4. The Julia is so cute! I don't think it's too cutesy for your age!
  5. I know, with all that money she has, you'd think her hair would be gorgeous,lol!Any how, I seen the small julia's friday when I was shopping for my Sophia.They are too cute and there really not that small.Hey if they hold what you need on a daily basis, then go for it!I seen the Gunmetal, that was my favorite color! If it helps your sciatica, then buy more.I think that is why I wanted a different bag other than my glam.The sophia's are light and I love the shape and the fact that she is small but can hold alot if I need her too,lol:smile:I do love that berry one too!
  6. Ok that's good to know! I guess it was the scarf I was worried it was too much because being that it's a small bag I didn't want it to look too young. I am getting paranoid the older I get. lol But I just had to do it. The scarf is so stinking cute! Is it weird that the keyring is so cute I don't even want to put keys on it? I just like the way it looks hanging from the bag. I was planning on using it but now I don't want to make it ugly with keys. lol
  7. that berry Julia looks good enough to eat, OP! Very pretty - congrats!

    and I think it's a bag & scarf that pretty much anyone could carry so enjoy her.

  8. I know I really will never understand her and her hair issues! Her hair used to be lovely. I liked it when it wasn't so bleached and just a really pretty honey color. I have to wonder what she is thinking or what is going on there.

    I might just have to get the gunmetal too. lol I really resisted getting smaller bags because I love my huge bags but it helps when they are so cute! I don't feel so sad about having to give up my huge bags sometimes. lol It really softens the blow. The berry color is so much prettier in person than on the website. I want to eat it! Really all the bags are so much nicer in person. The website photos just never do them justice!
  9. I actually love the smaller Julias and Maggies, I cannot use them as I carry way to much, but one day I want them all! I don't think there to young, its a smaller version of a classic leather purse!
  10. I love the small Maggies. I almost got one but the Julia won me over. The maggies are so cute though! The new embossed ones are really cute!
  11. Thanks! I know it looks like yummy candy! I want to bite it! lol
  12. I think it's an ADORABLE bag! I've been going through a similar thing - I've always been a big bag girl, but I recently graduated from college and my profession is pretty tough on my back. Carrying a big heavy bag on my shoulder makes it a lot worse, so I've started collecting small Sabrinas. That julia is just too cute, though! I might need her, too! :nuts:
  13. I love the berry color!! Congrats!
  14. Very cute! I love the berry color. Congrats!!!
  15. Cute bag