Got a little something green and yellow today....

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  1. I returned my Heritage Stripe Pink Swingpack and a wristlet, for the Bleeker Grass smaller Duffle - I am in love! I really like it !

    Totally fits crossbody and I got the new flower/ lady bug key chain and a yellow coach pony tail scarf for it. I have the rose bleeker on hold, and I am now convinced I will get that one too. These colors are really nice and working for me.

    Pics soon.... I will also post pics of my Heritage XL Satchel, the latest scarves and key chains. I am loading now.
  2. congrats! can't wait to see pics! :yes:
  3. Congrats...looking forward to pics!!!
  4. Congrats!!!!! Sounds LOVELY!!!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  5. I have the smaller duffles in Wine and Bottle Green and I LOVE them. That is one of my favorite styles of al time!
  6. I am trying to upload, let's see if this works!

    I will post a couple of more....
    P1010071.jpg P1010069.jpg P1010066.jpg P1010063.jpg P1010058.jpg
  7. wow pursegal, your purchases look identical to mine... w/the exact same keyring and the exact same purse, except my XL is in the white... very nice taste! congrats! very pretty! :tup:
  8. here is more of the duffle and my little special guy...
    P1010057.jpg P1010062.jpg P1010058.jpg P1010065.jpg
  9. good taste! I thought I was so in love w/ my satchel last weekend when I got her, but now I am in love w/ my bleeker duffle too...

    LizCordova was right, the colors make this line.
  10. Beautiful bags! I really like the green duffle. Enjoy your beautiful purchases!
  11. stunning, enjoy!
  12. Love the green color! Its very unique but will be great for spring!
  13. very nice choice in bags.. I like them all and cute accessories to go with!
  14. Congrats, love everything in the pics! :biggrin:
  15. OMG great great stuff!!! And yer cat is cute!!!:tup: