Got a little something at LV today!*REVEAL*

Apr 23, 2007
Oh the case compliments the speedy so well! Great combination! Green is supposed to bring financial success you know!


Sep 15, 2006
Oslo, Norway
Thanks for all of your nice comments :smile:

canadianstudies--> I think it's a bit small to use as a clutch, it would look kind of strange IMO. Maybe a very petite person or a teenager could pull it off.

e-crowle-->Not stupid at all ;) I'll take some modeling pics when I get home from work this afternoon.

John 5-->I know! The box is huge compared to the content. My SA knows that I want my items boxed, so she always makes an effort to get me a box. I was a bit gobsmacked when she came out with the huge bag for that small item:shocked:.