Got a little Pomme d'Amour myself

  1. I got an Inclusion Bracelet PM in the Pomme d'Amour - thanks for letting me share :love:

    My little stack of PM's:
  2. a wonderful addition to your lovely collection....:love:
  3. Wowza!
  4. pretty! I love the second pic!
  5. i love inclusion!
    the pomme looks great!
  6. Very nice stack!!! Are you wearing them together???
  7. So pretty! I love your collection of bracelets!
  8. Gorgeous stack! I got the Pomme too, and after seeing your picture, I think I need to get a transparent one to keep her company! :graucho:
  9. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the stack. I tried them on, & they were very difficult to get over my hand. Do you have this problem??
  10. gorgeous!!!congrats!
  11. Very nice :biggrin:

  12. what a lovely family of bracelets you have! congrats!
  13. THank you everyone.


    I don't plan to wear all of them together LOL I usually just stack two.


    I don't have any trouble with them - they do have the GM size in the transparent and Pomme, I *think*. Maybe the GM would be a better fit for you?
  14. love them - i am wearing my clear one now
  15. Very cute bracelet collection.