got a job! moving to IOWA!

  1. So I got a new job...with the Hillary Clinton campaign!! I'm so happy- I love campaigns, and the idea of packing up and moving halfway across the country is exciting! Plus I love Hillary. I graduated early from college a few months ago and I've been looking for political jobs in DC, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity. I am taking a pretty drastic pay cut, though - I'm paid a lot more at my current job, but--oh well! A couple less handbags is worth a great opportunity, right?

    So, the job is out in Iowa. I don't know yet what part of Iowa, but I will be there until January for the caucuses. Does anyone here live in Iowa? or near Iowa? Know anything about Iowa? is the cost of living really as low as people speculate? (and what exactly is low - I know housing, but gas prices? food?) And, most importantly, where can I go shopping?! :graucho:
  2. Congrats and good luck:happydance: I hope everything goes good for ya!!
  3. How exciting for you! congrats.
  4. congrats!!! that sounds like an awesome opportunity!! :nuts: I'm a CA girl, so no help on the Iowa questions, but good luck there...HILARY FOR PRESIDENT!! ;) :cutesy:
  5. Nice! I was a correspondence intern for her Senate campaign in NY back in 2000. She's SO nice and she really knows how to pick great people for her team. CONGRATS! I hope you have lots of awesome stories to tell. And be sure to get as much campaign memorabilia as you can! I have quite the pin and bumper sticker collection .:smile:
  6. Congrats! And good luck!!
  7. Congratulations! My older son went to Coe College in Cedar Rapids. He met his wife there and they have lived there since they graduated. We visit frequently. CR is a great city; Iowa city isn't far and you've got the university vibe there. Iowans are proud of their state, well-educated (I think they have the highest hs grad rate in the country) and while they can be reserved, basically they are friendly and helpful people. It's a progressive state not in a liberal v. conservative way, but in being open to better ways to do things, research to benefit others etc. It does have a reasonable cost of living, too. I hope you like it there.

    Oh, shopping--There's a large mall in Coralville (I think that's the name of the area) near Iowa city. CR has all the chains for retail and restaurants. I know nothing about Des Moines which is the biggest city in Iowa.
  8. That sounds like a very cool job...congratulations!! :yahoo:

  9. What a fantastic opportunity for you. Congratulations on getting such a great job!
    I am no help on the Iowa angle being a westcoast gal.
  10. Congratulations Shoegal, I live in Minneapolis and my folks & sister live in Grinnell, IA. (very small town, but big college there) It is about 50 miles east of Des Moines. It is much cheaper to purchase a home in the smaller towns. food & gas will not be too much cheaper (unless you live in So. CA) I watch the nightly news and Minneapolis is usually right there with the National average, but when we go to visit my folks, we can usually find gas around 3-5 cents cheaper per gallon. I know when we moved to MN from So Ca, everyone told me how much cheaper it was in the mid-west.....WRONG.
    The only real savings was the initial cost of our home, but clothing, day care, car insurance, property taxes, food (we had so much fresh produce that grew in CA) and utilities were much higher. Partly due to the fact in So CA, you didn't need heavy winter clothes or the heat & gas in the winter. I lived by the ocean and in the summer, we did not need a/c and we could leave the doors open without the BUGS. Also, I lived in a burb 60 miles from LA, so car insurance was priced accordingly and we did not have the snow factored into the insurance.
    Anyway, there are many wonderful things here in the Midwest too, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions when you find out the specifics.:yes:
  11. Congrats. It sounds like a really exciting job!
  12. Congratulations! What an exciting opportunity!
  13. What a fabulous job!! Congrats, you must be so excited! Once in a lifetime opportunity.

    I know nothing about Iowa though. But I am sure you will be fabulous!! :yahoo:
  14. LOVE Hillary!

    Hate Iowa but who cares? You will be too too too busy. Then Hillary will win. Then you will move.

    Best of luck!
  15. Hey Shoe gal,

    CONGRATS!!! that is such an awesome job and experience!! you might take a pay cut now but absolutely worth the experience i think!! Hopefully she wins and you'll be moving along with her!!

    Keep us updated on how things are!!