Got a horse...Mulberrys must go.

  1. Seriously. We adopted a rescue horse over the weekend. I now have to purge some of my bags to afford to get the stuff that horses need. So, I had to go through my collection and put on eBay those who need to go.

    I am regretting putting my oak phoebe on there already...that one might go down.

    The only ones I kept were my Burgundy Antony, my new Lemon Roxy, my small Jody and my Butterfly Bays...I decided against the White Poppy Satchel, the Phoebe:crybaby:, my Luella biker bag, and my creme Tassel Roxanne.

    You think I should take down the Pheobe???? Help...please advise.
  2. :yahoo:Here he is...


    I think he's worth getting rid of a few bags for....:p
  3. He's beautiful and worth sacrificing some bags for IMO !!! If you are having second thoughts about pheobe take the auction down and see how much you get for the other bags first.
  4. oh he's beautiful. Definately worth a couple of old bags!
  5. How much do you need the proceeds from the bag? Can you keep it and not lose out? Also do you have any similar bags to the phoebe? And do you use it a lot, if so then it may be worth holding onto for a while if you are able to...
  6. No, I don't really have anything like Phoebe....and I get tons of compliments. Nobody around here knows Mulberry and when I wear Phoebe she always gets noticed. The only reason I put her on there is because I thought she would be the one to "for sure" sell...that way I could buy some horse stuff. I figured I could always get another Phoebe...

    I don't know. So conflicted. I've been using Antony for a few weeks after having him put away for I'm loving him again. I just can't commit. Plus...I have a nearly $600 credit at Ann's Fabulous Finds from a layaway I

    I don't know....
  7. Oh, I also saved my LV mini pleaty....but I really love that bag. So cute in the summertime...


    that's another one that I could get quick cash from...

  8. If in doubt - take it out !

    You could get another Phoebe in the future but it wouldn't be the same would it ?
    I'd leave it until you have sold the others and see how you feel then. You can always relist it , but once it is sold it is too late.

    What's your horses name? - he's beautiful. Mulberry would suit him well..
  9. His name is Jet.... his registered name is "My Luck is Hot"...he was set to go to auction this past Sunday unless he found a home. We put in adoption papers for him and here he is. My husband was away for work...left...came home...had a horse.
  10. Yeah completely agree with Jo.

    Take the auction for the Phoebe down and see how much the other bags make first - if you sell Phoebe and regret it you'll only try and find another one and it might cost you more than this one did anyway.

    Your horse is beautiful - definitely worth sacrificing a few bags for.
  11. Beautiful horse, is he an ex racer? I would sell all of my mulberrys for a horse....even a shetland pony! Well I might keep my Mabels....
    Many Congrats on a splendid horsey reveal!!
  12. Gorgeous horse! I think that horse is def worth selling some of your bags for. Id agree with everyones advice and keep the phoebe for now,it seems likeyou would really regret selling her if you did..
  13. What a gorgeous horse, a very handsome fella. I think I'd sell my bags if I could have him!

    I agree with the others about your Phoebe. Sell the other bags you don't love as much, see how much money you've got after the sales and hopefully it will be enough for you to keep Phoebe. I can tell you love her!
  14. I'd sell my bags for that horse, too! Keep Phoebe and see what happens with the other bags. Best of luck and what a lucky horse to have a good home!
  15. He is an Appendix Quarter Horse (he has two QH parents..but they have Thoroughbred in their lineage). He is not an ex racer...just a victim of the economy. His owners couldn't keep him. He is really tall...16.1 hands.

    I'm going to keep Phoebe on till tomorrow...I'm going to sleep on it and see how I feel in the a.m. I'm just worried that I'm being unreasonable about a bag. I mean, its a bag...right?

    I know that's not right....I'm just trying to justify the sale.

    I'll see how I feel in the morning.