Got a "hole"......

  1. Let's say you are very, very fond of Kelly's and you have a few. Let's say you love Black and you love Box calf. Oh shoot.....let's just say you love Box calf, any color except brights and it looks like your collection is a little top heavy in Box.

    Now, let's say you see that you have a little "hole" in your collection and the "hole" is a Kelly that you can reach for as you would say a Gold Togo Birkin. A kind of "work horse" Kelly. One you wouldn't worry about or give a second thought to using if it's raining or if you're not dressed up or even (gasp) if your in your rubber flip-flops.

    Now let's say we're talking about.......ME! What would you recommend that is NOT Box calf, that can be a work horse in a color that would go with just about anything (especially black and jeans), that would "age" along with me (keep in mind I'm at half a century here) and in 28cm Sellier?

    I think I know which direction to go but I'd love to hear your recommendations......................:yes:
  2. I'm no help 'cause I only like Kellys in Box, I don't like them in more casual textured leathers....I would consider Barenia or Vache Naturelle, but that's it....
  3. workhorse + 28cm Sellier Kelly >>> my vote goes back to Togo.

    Colour >>> this is hard, so I'm just going to share with you my most recent choices. Raisin, Vert Olive & Black. In this order.
  4. Peau porc in gold. One of the hardiest leathers out there.
  5. See, DUNA......that's my problem exactly! I'm attracted to Box calf for Kelly's and I'm down to my vintage Black Box which I baby because it's so old but in PERFECT condition and my Chocolate Box and the Croc. So, because I really enjoy carrying the Kelly, I feel I need one that I don't worry about....oiy vey.
  6. Yup, HG. That's the one I'm thinking of and if that's the case then I'd better develop some PATIENCE (which I lack) because that's going to be one bag I'm going to need some luck in finding.

    BTW, does PORC come in different colors?
  7. I agree, peau porc is gorgeous, don't know if it comes in other colors: I've only seen it in gold...
  8. My togo does the job....
  9. Natural, gold, what looked like marron fonce, and if memory serves, I've seen it in indigo. Not 100% sure about the indigo, though. 90% of the ones I've seen have been gold. It also comes matte and lisse.

    BTW, this leather ages well. It's like "Look Ma! No botox!"
  10. Workhorse leather = Clemence, Togo and Fjord..
    28 cm sellier = Fjord will be excellent because it has the rigide but soft to touch but I don't know if they ever make Kelly in Fjord.
    Color = Black or MF..

    I am also looking for one with your specification SM so I will be folowing this trade. Great thread!
  11. Shopmom, correct me if I"m mistaken. Are you turning into a smooth leather kinda girl like me?
  12. :shame: Yep. I'm a smoothie.............:p

    The ONLY textured bag (outside of my Croc) I have is the Togo Birkin. It's kinda interesting how this turned out, KWIM?
  13. That's what I thought. The only leathers I love are box, barenia, and Swift. I might not have fallen in love with peau porc if I hadn't been flipping through my Beaute en Voyage and noticed how the vintage porc items turned out after 50 years.
  14. Let's say....oh, wait! Shopmom, don't you already have a new chocolate colored kelly? In togo or something like that? Or is that box TOO? lol.

    I guess I'd say togo. Definitely not swift, box, or barenia.
  15. what about a 28 sellier kelly chevre/fjord in rouge H or potiron?

    kelly in a tough leather, semi-neutral colors????