Got a HH amethyst triple compartment today...

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  1. And...I'm not sure if I LOVE it.

    I's OK...but it doesn't seem like it was worth the price

    I feel that my Bulga (which admittedly I got a sample sale) was like half the price and the leather on my Bulga is sooo much nicer. And the leather on my coach bag, which was around the same price, is much nicer.

    I'm conflicted about whether to keep it or not. But, while it's here, enjoy the pictures.

    Also, I saw the clutch wallet in Lead and the Maggie wallet - both were really nice but again, I'm not sure that either was really worth the price ($170 and $198, respectively)
  2. OOOOOOhh, I can offer you many words about this bag!

    I bought this bag for myself a while back. I waited impatiently for the sucker to get here, and when it did, I ripped open the box and ooohed and ahhed at the wonderful deep, dark, eggplant-y purple color! I mean how often do you see that color, right? Then I put all my stuff in it, you know...the works...wallet, cell, makeup bag, planner, and you know what? Nothing freaking fit right! The middle compartment was inconvenient to get to in a hurry, the two side magentic pockets were rendered useless in my opinion because they wouldnt stay shut and things would fall out, and everytime I looked at the bag, that contrast stitching was starting to piss me off more and more.

    I loved the concept of the triple mercer. I mean a three pocketed satchel that you can wear over your shoulder and in a beautiful color? Cool, right? But when I had it front of my eyes, and took it for a "test-drive" the bag failed to meet my expectations time and again. I really wanted the bag to work for me, I bought the blue, currant, and amethyst, each time hoping that maybe I could force myself to like it. Didnt happen!

    Kind of unrelated byt, I did however recently buy an amethyst Nico which I love, contrast stitching and all

    May I ask where you bought the bag?

    I havent seen one of those around for a while
  3. i have to say, that is a GORGEOUS color. i just got a triple satchel too, and the side pockets are so shallow! i can use the bag to run errands but not the heavy duty work like bringing my notebooks to class. so i wonder if ill use it enough to justify keeping it.

    maybe itll grow on you? i have currant, and the color itself is enough to make me wanna keep still deciding though.
  4. I also wanted to say that many ladies on here love this bag dearly and think its the greatest thing since sliced bread! So, its really how you feel about it. I think if you feel conflicted about the bag it should go back, but give yourself a little time to see if you might accidentally "fall in love" or maybe even lust ;)
  5. I think it's really pretty, I like the white stitching. But, I can't exactly see how the leather feels; I say if you don't think you got your money's worth, take it back for something you'd like more.
  6. Lovely bag! Great color!
  7. I love the color, but if you don't absolutely love it, you should return it and get something you drool over. I don't know how their new return policy works though...there may be a restocking fee!
  8. the purple is awesome, but if its not your thing dont keep it. and nothing wrong with getting a bag at a sample sale!
  9. I love the color, but couldn't really figure out how to work into my wardrobe. If you can rock it - go for it! The color is really stunning.
  10. That's such a lovely color! I have the Mercer TC in a more neutral color and find it's a fun extra bag, the kind I can just throw a few things into and take to lunch or shopping. The side compartments are disappointingly shallow and really don't hold much. I'd read about that problem before I ordered, so can't say I didn't know about it. :rolleyes: The leather on mine is just okay, nothing special.

    I've been looking at those wallets also, but have yet to pull the trigger. The lead color is so tempting, though!
  11. I was also drawn to this bag because the color is so pretty. However, I also wasn't quite sure how to work it into my wardrobe and I was disappointed with the way the bag came open on the sides constantly. I would give it a few days to consider, but if you don't love it, you should return it.
  12. I really want to get another Mercer, in that color; I think it's great and the shape really works for me. but if you have these kind of doubts about it, why bother keeping it? return it and put the money toward a bag you'll really love.
  13. Thanks for all the comments!

    I love the color - I've been looking for a purple bag, and this one's perfect. I also love the shape - I don't carry a lot of stuff with me in general (wallet, keys, phone) so the functionality isn't so important.

    My only problem is the leather. And I'm sorry for all the die hard HHers out there, but the quality is alright. It's fine. But I don't think it's worth $400. I'm sorry looks like a bag I could get at urban outfitters for under $100. Obviously the HH one is better quality, but it doesn't LOOK it.

    I'm going to go today to look at the purple Havana Hobo and maybe I'll like that more...I will keep everyone updated!
  14. I really like it! the color is nice and the leather looks really nice! I have a lorca in plum and i loved it...the leather was TDF! but, i do know what you mean about bulga being WAY better...i think HH could go down with their prices a little...they just seem to barely cross the line of "too expensive" to me 4 some reason. both my lorca and matching coin purse were bought when they had their really big sale. I say if you dont LOVE it...then send it back...always the best policy!
  15. I got mine in blush and so many people have commented on how nice the bag is, and the leather is so soft! I bought it at one of the early blowout sales for a really ridiculous price-so I hung on to it and have used it whenever I can work the color in. :rolleyes: