Got a Happy New Years card from Chanel!!! PIX

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  1. I just got this in the mail today from my SA ;) ...did anyone else get one? Inside it says:

    Chanel vous souhaite excellente annee 2007
    Chanel wishes you a very happy new year for 2007


  2. so cute!
  3. That is darling.
  4. No, not yet, but I'm gonna be careful and not whine because I received a Chanel scarf for Christmas from my favorite Chanel SA.:yes:
  5. I got the same card from my 2 most favourite SA's in chanel selfridges London! its cute aint it!!
  6. not me!:cry:
    But I do have those Aragon - Ralph Lauren sheets!:biggrin:
  7. Ooh that's pretty!
  8. I got that exact same one for Christmas!

    I was quite happy with it until I read that Smoothoprter received a scarf! :lol: (I still like it though.)
  9. Very pretty!!
  10. What a pretty card! :yes:
  11. Very nice!!!
    My SA is falling behind on the perks!!!
  12. cute