Got a great H&M leather jacket but...

  1. it might need some tailoring. It is even possible? I love the style and all, but it's a size too big. I got it in a 4, when I fit a 2 for their outerwears.

    Btw, it was a steal! But not sure if I should fork up the extra money to make it smaller. I grabbed it during their sale- leather jacket, another jacket, a madonna dress, and a shirt-dress for $100. :yahoo:

    I googled and found a pic of it, which I posted below. It does not look as fitted on me though :sad: Tell me what you think! TIA!
    HM leather jacket.jpg
  2. a little loose leather jacket would be great for fall or winter, you can wear a thick pullover under it.
    i think there are to sizes for leather jackets, the first one very tight and small , where you can only wear a shirt, and the second one a bit bigger for colder weather. hope that helps.
    anyway for under 100 dollar , i would keep it.:graucho:
    is it the same colour as the picture?