Got a GORGEOUS BV bracelt for my b-day!!!

  1. My DH bought me a beautiful woven BV bangle for my b-day!!!! YAY!!! It is so gorgeous! After all the bracelet posts, it was funny I actually got one!
  2. Congrats!

    What happened to the pics, Olympia?
  3. Pics??? :popcorn:
  4. Grrr!!!! I CANNOT figure out WHY these pics won't load!!!! I finally managed to shrink the files because they were way too big but then the pics were of, for example, the top corner of the pics and you couldn't see the bags or bracelet. I am beyond frustrated with this, as well as totally :shame:. I'll keep trying.....
  5. Congrats on those braclets!! Can't wait to see those pictures!!
  6. Happy Happy Birthday, Olympia!! So you got the bracelet, how nice!! Hope you solve your pix mystery soon!
  7. Congratulations, Olympia!! How frustrating that the pics won't show up. Great gift!
  8. Happy Birthday! Can you describe the bracelet?? I can't wait to see your pics!
  9. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!! The bracelet is actually very similar to the black leather woven one with the silver center (like uclaboi's). Mine is all silver, no leather (it is woven silver 3/4 of the way around) and goes all the way around the wrist, bangle style. It opens on a hinge. It is really lovely, I have been wearing every day.
  10. OK Olympia, you are gonna have to email me the pics!!:sneaky:
  11. what a great gift, happy belated bday olympia!

    I would wear it every day if I owned it to, I like the idea of wearing a BV bangle as a signature piece of jewelery.
  12. happy belated, olympia177! we will be patiently waiting for the pictures, but i'm sure that's not going to prevent your enjoyment of the bracelet in anyway. ;)
  13. Happy belated birthday, Olympia177!!! And congrats on getting such a fab pressie! Be sure to post pics soon, cos I can't wait :p
  14. Pics!!